The New Black Skittle Manicure

I wanted to write this post yesterday, but I was having some serious Internet connection issues. Today seems to be faring better -fingers crossed-.

I recently took a trip to my new local Ulta, which sadly was really lacking in quality of products. I miss my old Ulta! Luckily they have a really great website so I can still shop online and spend a fortune. :p
I still did find some cute things I will post about in the future, but one thing that caught my eye was a little The New Black Safari nail polish kit on clearance for $2! Obviously I snapped that up really quick.

I've never tried polishes by this brand before, but I have seen them frequently, and they always have really cute kits and shades. I was planning on doing a normal swatch and review of this set, but I just got the urge to create a long overdo skittle manicure. I love skittle manis, and haven't done one in so long. and since this set comes with 5 coordinating shades, it only seemed right to create some nice simple nail art, while also reviewing the shades themselves.

For my skittle mani, I started with a base of the buttery cream shade -They don't have names.- on my middle and ring fingers. This shade, like most pale white polishes, is on the streaky side, and the formula is a bit watery, but three thin coats gave me relatively nice coverage.

I created a glitter gradient on my ring finger with the gold shard glitter. It has shades of gold, copper, and green, and is surprisingly easy to work with. I normally dislike working with shard glitters, they usually are really clumpy, and pieces always stick up which inevitably pull and leave holes. But these glitter pieces were very thin and pliable, and stayed smooth and flat once I applied my top coat. I was able to create a pretty nice gradient with two coats.

For my regular gradient on my middle finger I used the dark forest green. A really pretty creme that works well for fall. It has a lovely formula, and I was able to reach almost full opacity with one application, but I used two to fill in any gaps and make my gradient bolder. I also used the same green on my index finger using two thin coats.

My pinkie finger is the shimmery silver shade. A nice shimmery chrome, that like the cream polish, is also very thin. I needed three thin coats to reach opacity.
I find this polish very similar to the shimmery silver from the O.P.I Coca Cola Collection, so it is not really groundbreaking or anything. But it is cute, and works well with the other shades in this set. Though I think the O.P.I shade has a better formula.

And lastly, on my thumb (Picture below) I used the black polish, a thick black creme with silver circular micro glitters throughout. It has really nice coverage, and I reached opacity with two thin coats. This polish is one of my favorites from this set, it is very interesting, and I don't have anything like it in my collection. Sadly it was hard to photograph, so my photos do not do it justice, it is very sparkly in person.

I topped my skittle mani off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Overall I really like this set, the polishes are lovely, and tie together in an interesting way. My favorites would have to be the forest green and black glitter. Though the buttery cream has proved very useful in a Halloween inspired design I did a few days ago that will be on the blog soon! Yes, I finally did a holiday design on time!

The New Black brand of polishes can be found at your local beauty supply or online. I don't know the original retail price of this set, but I found it for around $2 on clearance at Ulta.

Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.
-xo Brittany

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