September Favorites 2014

It's that time yet again where I list my favorite products, and just random things for the past month!

I've been thinking of adding an "unfavorite" (Not a word :p) section to these posts, like some bloggers do, to talk about products I've tried in the past month that have left much to be desired. But I'm not sure if that would seem like a total downer, since favorites lists are, you know, about favorite things. But if you think that would be kind of a cool addition to these posts please let me know in the comments. I think I might try it out for my October list.

OK, let's talk favorites!

Books! OK, I have always loved reading, so this isn't really a single month favorite. But for a while I just became really jaded with the quality of books, and could not find any new novels that could make it past the first chapter. So I just hid in my collection of Agatha Christie novels and waited. But then I read John Green's wonderful The Fault in Our Stars and it just opened the flood gates! I have found so many great books lately, and have quite the stack to get through. I may have to make some little book review posts in the future.

My next favorite is a surprising one, printed tees and sweaters! I used to hate logos and things on my clothes, but lately I have been loving the adorable printed tops that are everywhere right now. I bought these at Old Navy, and the Holy Chic tee is just too cute.
(I also bought the polka dot skirt at Old Navy, it is just the girliest thing, and I love it.)

As I mentioned in this post, I have been buying quite a few sweaters and sweatshirts lately, which is a tad odd given my current location. But how could I pass up this adorable deer sweater from Target!
It is also made from thin fabric, so I can totally talk myself into believing it was a totally practical purchase for September in Florida...

My next September favorite is actually a location. My family and I took a little trip to the Naples Zoo and it was so fun. You can tell the people that work there really care for the animals, they were all very healthy, the pens were huge, and the place was so pretty and clean. Some zoos are more depressing than fun, but this one was not in that category. I loved getting to see the giraffes (One of my favorite animals, I even did some nail art inspired by them here) and bought the adorable giraffe earrings and postcard at the zoo gift shop.

I've already mentioned this product in this post, but I have to add it to my favorites list.
I love Bath & Body Works, but never tried their room spray until recently, and now I am hooked. They have so many lovely scents, and as I mentioned in that post, only two sprays and a whole room is full of a nice, light fragrance. I use this Japanese Cherry Blossom spray daily and it smells so good. I plan on taking another trip to Bath & Body Works soon to pick up a couple more scents.

This favorite is totally random, but I stopped by Pier One to pick up some candle holders and tea lights, when this cute green elephant caught my eye! It is a little ring holder, and looks adorable on my vanity. It is also very useful since whenever I leave my rings and little earrings strewn about on my vanity my lovely kitten Carson takes it to mean that he can play with them. Fare enough, but now he can't get his little paws on them, which I greatly prefer!

And lastly, a favorite of the living variety. I recently became the proud owner of a Russian tortoise named Sebastian! Weird as it may be to some, I have wanted to adopt a tortoise for quite some time, and finally got the chance this past month. I am so glad to have him, and he is just a sweetie who loves exploring the house when he can, and munching on squash, his favorite food right now. I sadly do not know how old he is, but I think he is pretty young, as he can be very hyper when he wants to be.

Thanks for reading! To check out my favorite things for August click here.
-xo Brittany

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