Sally Hansen Triple Shine Hypnautical Swatches & Review

Today is my day off from work, so I have had a very busy schedule of watching YouTube videos and nail art. :p -I did do a little bit of cleaning around the house too if that counts!- So I thought I would take a break from this "busy day" to share some swatches of a very pretty, aquatic looking polish from Sally Hansen.

Hypnautical is from Sally Hansen's Triple Shine line of polishes, and is a clear, thick, almost jelly base, full of very luminescent shards and flecks in tones of green, blue, and silver. While it was a bit hard to get the glowing effect to show on my nails in pictures, you can see it well in the bottle in the photo above. It is just gorgeous!
The smaller glitter flecks apply smoothly and easily, however the larger shards of glitter require a little more work to get on the nails. I had to blot with the brush to really get them to stick.
This polish, with its clear base, is not really meant to reach opacity on its own, so I applied three thin coats over a base of Avon Sea Breeze for my swatches, topped with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

While this shade makes a great glitter overlay, I do wish it had a tinted base, so it could stand out on its own. But I can't complain too much, I wish my photos could do it justice, this polish is just lovely to look at, and almost glows. In my weird, Disney loving mind, it makes me think of mermaid tail scales. Of course mermaids do not exist -If only! I would be one in a second!-, but if they did, I would hope their tails would look something like this.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color retails for around $4 -$5, and can be found online, or at your local drugstore.

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-xo Brittany

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