L'Oreal Paris Pop the Bubbles and Rough Around the Edges Swatches & Review

Today I have swatches of two gorgeous L'Oreal textured polishes to share with you.
These poor swatches have been sitting in my drafts folder in my computer for so long, I kept meaning to post them, but kept getting distracted by some other nail polish or product I just had to talk about, so it is about time they got some love!

As you may know if you are a regular reader, I am an avid fan of textured nail polishes, and these shades are two of my favorites in terms of both color and formula. A win, win, especially since they are only around $5 a bottle. It is surprising that I only have two right now, but they are hard to find at my new drugstore, as they restock less than my old one! Thank the nail gods for online shopping! :p

In direct sunlight.
In natural light.
Rough Around the Edges is one of my favorite polishes out of my entire collection. -Which is saying something since I am now up to a little over 300 polishes! - It is a jet black base full of silver shimmer that applies perfectly with just two thin coats. Like most textured polishes, it applies smooth and glossy, then dries to a matte, gritty finish. Though it keeps the silver sparkle which I am a big fan of.
It also has great wear time, I wore this shade my first week in Florida, since I had no time to paint my nails while unpacking and all that jazz, and I had very minimal chipping, just a small amount of wear and tear at my free-edges that was not very noticeable at a distance.
I just love the look of this polish. I know most people find black nail polishes to read far too "goth", but I think this shade just looks so elegant on, and the silver shimmer really adds some dimension.

For my swatches I am wearing two thin coats, and no top coat to preserve the gritty finish.

In direct sunlight.
In natural light.
Pop the Bubbles has a different sort of texture than its counterpart. I find it very similar to Zoya's newer PixiDust lines, where it is a thinner gritty texture with micro shimmer, mixed with much larger glitter pieces. A nice alternative to the PixiDust line if you want to save a few dollars.
This shade is a gorgeous pale teal color with silver shimmer and glitter. It doesn't have the same strong coverage as Rough Around the Edges, but I still reached opacity with three thin coats.
This polish also applies smooth and dries gritty, though the larger glitter pieces can clump together if the coats are too thick, or you don't leave enough time between coats.
My swatches are three thin coats, and again, no top coat.
I think this polish is so gorgeous! L'Oreal is really good at playing with trends, like the textured finish, while still keeping the color palette elegant and pretty.
As far as wear time, Pop the Bubbles is more prone to chips than Rough Around the Edges, but that may just be because it needs more coats to cover. Last time I wore this shade long term, it lasted about a week, though I did need to touch up my free-edges once or twice.

L'Oreal Paris Nail Color can be found online, or at your local drugstore, and retails for around $5.

Thanks for reading! For more swatches and reviews click here. Or if your looking for a review of a specific polish or product, feel free to browse my Product Directory.
-xo Brittany

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