Grey & Purple Stamped Nail Art

This post is up very late today I know. But my Internet has been down most of the afternoon while my cable provider was working on it. My Internet and TV connection has been just terrible lately, and the cable guy found out that not only was my line covered by trees, but animals had bitten it, and it was full of water! No wonder it was glitchy! But it appears -Fingers crossed.- to be working great now, so I thought I would share some nail art this evening.

This was one of those nail designs where I had a total plan for it, but it completely fell apart and the rest is just a weird improvisation that I disliked at first, but it then totally grew on me.
I planned on creating another Halloween design with a purple and grey color palette. But the new stamping plate I wanted to use wouldn't cooperate with my older, softer stampers. So I broke out my NailzCraze stamping plate, and made a weird hodgepodge of sweater patterns and cute animals. Random yes, but I like it.

To start my design I used a new polish to my collection, Ginger + Liz Kicking and Screaming, a gorgeous purple, glowing, glitter bomb, on my pinkie and middle fingers.
For my stamping, I used Zoya Carey as my base, and O.P.I A Grape Affair as my stamping color with NailzCraze stamping plate NC 03.
Once everything was dry, I finished the look off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

I know this nail art makes no sense, but I loved the mix of purple and grey, and didn't want to scrap it when the stamping plate wouldn't work. Plus, what a great excuse to use the adorable little creature stamp that I could never think of a design to use with.

Thanks for reading! To see more nail art click here.
-xo Brittany

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