E.L.F Snow White Inspired Collection

Today I have two products from e.l.f's Snow White inspired makeup collection!
Besides the brush kit and blush/bronzer duo I am showing you today, they also have an eyeshadow kit, as well as a full face kit with lip glosses, eye shadows, etc. I would have bought one of those, but since I recently purchased the Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced, I couldn't justify purchasing more eye shadows. However, I really wanted a new blush, and you can never have too many makeup brushes!
I saw a product from this collection a while ago, I think on Instagram, and immediately went on Amazon to buy it myself. Sad I know, but I love classic Disney movies, especially Snow White, so how could I resist!

All the kits come in these beautifully decorated boxes, and of course the products themselves are adorned with Snow White herself, as well as hearts and little damask details.

The blush/bronzer duo includes a small brush, that is a bit too small for my liking, but it is cute and portable, perfect for keeping in your purse.

The blush is a very pale peachy pink with a touch of shimmer. It applies very sheer, but builds nicely. I love the color with my skin tone, too bright pinks just bring out the redness in my skin.
The bronzer is a matte mid-toned brown with a faint hint of shimmer in the pan. The shimmer doesn't really translate onto my skin, which is great. I am not that big of a fan of shimmery bronzers, especially in the fall/winter months, I prefer a more matte glow. It is also not chalky at all, it's very soft, and applies well.
This duo has become my go-to blush and bronzer for my daily makeup. It's always great when the product itself is just as good as its packaging!

The second purchase I made from this collection was this adorable brush collection. I am not really a brush girl, I usually just buy them when my old ones have seen better days, or were cleaned too many times. But this collection was just too cute to pass up! The collection includes four brushes; a powder brush, eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, and blush brush. All with gold, hearts, and blue damask patterns around the handles. Along with the brushes is a white travel case with Snow White's profile on the front.
Now as I mentioned, I am not a brush connoisseur, but they are very soft, and don't shed everywhere. Two attributes I look for in a makeup brush. Plus, as I've said about a hundred times, they're cute! :p

Overall, I really like e.l.f, they make very inexpensive products that rarely disappoint. And this collection is very cute, and a fun addition to my vanity. I would love it if they would make more collections based on Disney princesses! I would buy them all.

The e.l.f Snow White collections can be found online, and prices vary depending on where you buy. I spent about $10 for the blush/bronzer duo, and around $20 for the brush collection on Amazon.

Thanks for reading! Who is your favorite Disney character? Let me know in the comments!
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-xo Brittany

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