Butter London Poole and Tea with the Queen Swatches & Review

Two posts in a row! The madness! :p
I am buying a new video game tomorrow, so I know I am going to be too distracted to do basically anything besides stare at a screen until I have to start work... And stare at another screen. So I am posting tomorrow's post today!

Today I have two gorgeous Butter London polish swatches to share. I don't often buy Butter London given the relatively high price tag, but a while back Ulta was having a discount on them, so I took advantage and bought a couple. Sadly they sat on my untried polish rack for far too long, so it's about time they got some love. (So many polishes, so little time!)

Butter London is my favorite splurge nail polish brand, they are pricey in my opinion, but they always have the prettiest shades and textures, and the formulas never disappoint. These two shades are no exception.

(Sorry about the condition of my cuticle on my middle finger, my kitten Carson loves to bite hands, and always somehow hits my cuticles every time!)

Poole is a beautiful, dusty teal creme. It has a great formula, and covers perfectly after three thin coats. I love the color and slight glossiness of this polish, it is a great summer shade, but given the more subdued tone can easily be worn year around.
The name fits perfectly in my mind, since the color does remind me of the sea, or a lagoon.

I topped my swatches off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Tea with the Queen. Now, I will admit the cute name of this polish got me before the color did! What can I say, I love when nail polishes have cute names. But the shade itself is just as great as its moniker. A milky coffee colored creme, this polish is a bit thinner than Poole, but still covers nicely with three thin coats. Though I may have gotten away with a fourth since there is still a hint of free-edge showing in my swatches, and my perfectionist mind doesn't like it. -Yes, I'm weird I know. :p -
Otherwise the formula is similar to Poole, it has a smooth application and dries to a slightly glossy finish.
I think this is also a perfect name for this shade, it does remind me of tea, or since I strongly dislike tea, a nice light cup of coffee.

My swatches are topped with one coat of my fast drying top coat.

I love both of these polishes, though Tea with the Queen has to be my favorite, both in name and in shade. I don't often create nail art with Butter London polishes, so as not to use them up too fast, but I think these two shades might even work well together in some nail art.

Butter London nail lacquer retails for around $15, and can be found online, or at your local beauty supply.

Thanks for reading! For more swatches & reviews click here. Or if you're looking for a review of a specific polish or product, feel free to look through my Product Directory.
-xo Brittany

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