What's on My Bedside Table & Bedside Table DIY

I've seen the What's on My Bedside Table post on many blogs, and always thought they were cute, but never got around to making one. But recently I gave my bedside table a little makeover to save money instead of buying a new one, so I thought this was a perfect time to show you what I keep on my bedside table, as well as the outcome of my DIY project.

First, what's on my bedside table!

First, above my bedside table I have these little porcelain tea labels my mother gave me. Ironically, I actually hate tea, but these are really cute.

For art work, I have this New York print leaning on the table. I got it from a site called Allposters a long time ago, I don't even know if they are still around anymore. I have two others as well that are hanging near my desk.

I love books, and I also love using them for decorative purposes. Especially since I have quite a few so I have to be a bit creative with storage options. I like having little stacks of books around, they add some interest and fill up space nicely. For my bedside table I keep this gorgeous copy of Pride and Prejudice I bought at a local book store.

On top of Pride and Prejudice, I have this adorable bird feeder porcelain dish from Pier One that I keep my little go-to products in. I have my favorite Burt's Bees cuticle cream, Chapstick, a very yummy smelling vanilla sugar hand sanitizer, and Japanese cherry blossom room spray. (The sanitizer and room spray are both from Bath & Body Works.)

On the side you can see the base of my lamp I use for blog photos, I am mulling over buying an actual light box, but my setup works for me right now.
Next to my lamp, I have my Aqua Spa body creme, and the most boring product of the bunch, my eyeglass cleaner.

You've seen glimpses of my new and improved table in this post, but here is what it looked like before:

Yeah... Not looking so great I know. The drawer knob vanished, no clue where that went. And there is about 20 layers of paint underneath the dingy gray color. This table had seen better days, and I was frankly just going to toss it and buy something new, but thanks to Pinterest and its countless DIY inspirations I got it in my head to save some money and tackle the project of making this table over. I am by no means Martha Stewart, but it's amazing what a little spray paint will do.

I stopped by my local Home Depot and spent less than $10 on some teal spray paint and a cute little gem drawer knob. I winged it when it came to the size of the knob, but luckily it worked!

Here's a picture of the table drying in the sun after the first coat of paint. I ended up going with three thin coats to make sure it was covered fully. I probably should have sanded off the countless layers of old paint, but I am too lazy for that. :p

I let the paint dry for about an hour, cleaned it off, -Because apparently a huge wasp loved the color too and fell into the paint, as well as some leaves when the wind picked up.- attached the new drawer knob, and voila! New bedside table!

Here's what the table looks like in my bedroom. I recently swapped the stuffed toys on the bottom shelf with another stack of books since this picture was taken.

I love how the table came out. It was a total wreck before, and for less than $10 it looks like a whole new table.

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-xo Brittany

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  1. Your bedside table is amazing...wish i was creative like this haha!! Anything Burts Bees at night time is a good shout too :)



    1. Thank you! I love Burts Bees, and their cuticle creme is one of my favorite products. :)


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