Sally Hansen Triple Shine Fanta-sea Swatches & Review

This is the latest I have ever published a post!
But today I was -Gasp- outside! I am by far not an outdoorsy person, but now that I actually have a yard to maintain, my mother and I did some gardening and planted some new flowers and plants to spruce up the place. It looks so cute. My nails on the other hand, have seen better days. So let's hark back to a time before today when they were pleasant to look at, and see some swatches I did awhile ago of Sally Hansen Fanta-sea.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Fanta-sea
Fanta-sea is a very aquatic looking shade, with green, aqua marine, and silver shimmer in a clear gel-like base.
Even though the base is clear, the glitter is very dense, even on the first coat. And the glitter applies smoothly and evenly, no dabbing needed. Always a bonus!
Obviously the clear base makes reaching opacity on its own rather difficult, but with a base color this shade builds up nicely. I think it would also make a beautiful glitter overlay as well though.
I already see it working well for glitter gradients, it has that perfect thickness and glitter density for it.

Because I wanted to make Fanta-sea the focal point, for my swatches I built up the color and used four thin coats over my favorite white nail polish, Nicole by O.P.I Yoga-Then-Yogurt. I topped it off with my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

In natural light.
In direct sunlight.
I love this nail polish. While mermaids, sadly, do not exist, I could totally picture their scaled tails looking similar to this. -Maybe I need to stop watching The Little Mermaid :p - 
Summer may be reaching its end fast, but I think this is a great summer glitter that reminds me of the sea. The finish is so bold even in natural light, I just couldn't stop staring at it when I was wearing it!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Fanta-sea retails for around $3 to $5, and can be found online or at your local drugstore.

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-xo Brittany
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