My Last Rhode Island Mall Haul!

I won't even pretend to say this was my last mall haul altogether, I mean I think that it is pretty obvious I am too much of a shopping addict for that!
But today I wanted to share what I bought during my very last shopping trip in Rhode Island.
As you may know, -Since I feel like I've been mentioning it incessantly- I recently moved from Rhode Island to Florida. (You can see pictures from the 1400 mile road trip here) But the week before the trip I decided to visit my local mall one last time and pick up a few things. You know, as a goodbye to the mall... And the money in my wallet.
Not surprisingly, I have already discovered my new local mall, so I think I will have to make a "First Florida Mall Haul" soon and go full circle.  

On a side note, I know I have been posting a lot of hauls lately, and no I haven't gone off the shopping deep end! I missed posting when I first moved in, so I am still playing catch up. most of the hauls I plan on posting were made weeks apart, I am just posting them much closer together than normal. But who doesn't like a good haul post! I always enjoy being nosey and seeing what people bought.

Anyway, let's get on with it shall we?

First I stopped at one of my favorite stores for cheap, cute items, Forever 21. I was slightly crushed to discover my new mall doesn't have a Forever 21! Luckily they plan on opening one later this fall.
I wanted to get really light clothing for the new climate I was moving to, so first I picked up this adorable lace collared blouse with capped sleeves. It is really light, and I am actually wearing it as I type this.

Always a sucker for a peter pan collar, I picked up this jewel encrusted pale pink blouse. The fabric has a silky quality to it, and is very light and airy. Perfect for the humid Florida weather right now.

Not a very good picture sorry, but I lost the light when taking this photo. -I hate when that happens.-
Lastly from Forever21 I bought these cute burgundy shorts. Something different from the normal black, white, or denim I normally gravitate to.
I bought these for $15. Which was an even greater deal because I spotted a similar pair at Delia's first, but being a more expensive store, they wanted $35 for them! Not wanting to pay that, I walked over and found this pair that look almost identical to the more expensive ones. I was a little too proud of myself over this as you can tell...

As I mentioned, I went to browse around Delia's. I like their clothes, I just think they are very over priced. So all I picked up was this cute, pink, chain cross body to wear to Universal Studios. I wanted something small, and easy to carry around, without having to worry about anyone snatching it in the big crowds. You can never be too careful.

My plan of only buying light, summer clothing went out the window when I explored around H&M.
I bought two of these slouchy sweaters, which are super comfortable, and surprisingly light. So I have been able to wear them here. I like the slouchy look of them mixed with leggings or skinny jeans.
I picked up this grey, Eiffel Tower printed one, as well as the white, floral printed one below.

And lastly, I stopped by Newbury Comics and just about had a nerdy freak out over their selection of Doctor Who memorabilia! I would have walked out with the whole aisle, but I held it together and picked up a super cute mug, (That I have already gushed about in my last monthly favorites post here) and awesome Cyberman pen.

Well that is it for my last Rhode Island haul! I loved living in Rhode Island, but even though my new mall really needs to get my favorite stores, :p I can tell I'm going to love living in Florida just as much.
Thanks for reading! To check out some more hauls click here.
-xo Brittany
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