Giraffe Print Nail Art

I recently went to a zoo in nearby Naples Florida, and it was awesome! I got to see one of my favorite animals, the giraffe, up close, and you could even feed them! I was just a complete dork, and way too excited, but they are just so cute.
Anyway, when I got home I was so enamored with the giraffe exhibit that I knew I wanted to create some nail art inspired by the adorable, lanky beings. So I did, and here is the result.

The earrings are from the zoo gift shop.
I had never attempted giraffe print before, so I looked up images of giraffes, as well as pictures I took at the zoo myself, and winged it. Surprisingly, it kind of worked out!

I started with a base of my slowly dying bottle of ColorClub Nomadic in Nude on my pinkies, index fingers, and thumbs. While that was drying, I applied the ever sparkly Zoya Tomoko over a base of Nicole by O.P.I Yoga-Then-Yogurt to my ring and middle fingers, because you can never have too much sparkle! :p

Once my base color was dry, I took a small striping brush and Essie Little Brown Dress and free handed my giraffe spots. Little Brown Dress is a little on the thin side, so I did go back a second time and fill in my spots a bit afterward. I then applied a quick coat of my Out the Door quick drying top coat to all of my nails, then went back over my giraffe nails with two coats of my Essie Matte About You top coat. Even with the second top coat precaution I still had a little bit of color bleeding! But it is not terribly noticeable at a distance. 

I'm always so apprehensive when I attempt freehand nail art, because I always think it's just going to come out awful. But I think this came out pretty well. I loved wearing it, and was sad when I had to finally take it off, which is always a good sign that the design worked out. I definitely want to keep working on my freehand skills, and this little simple design was a nice confidence builder.

And to end this giraffe filled post, here are some pictures I took of some super adorable giraffes!

So cute!
Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.
-xo Brittany
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  1. Loving this! That sparkly gold looks so pretty! I wish I had a steadier hand lol!

    Lorraine x

    1. Thank you! The gold shade is one of my favorite polishes, I swear I would use it for every design if I could! :)


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