First Florida Mall Haul

As I mentioned in my last haul post, I, not surprisingly, found my new local mall not too long ago, and did a bit of shopping. Since that post was about my very last shopping trip in Rhode Island, I thought why not post about my very first Florida shopping trip, and share what random things I bought!

First I went into a store I had actually never heard of before. It was called Chic, and it was very similar to a Claire's or Icing. Lots of overly sparkly costume jewelry and other accessories at very low prices.
I bought the adorable camera and wheel rings, and since I am in a much warmer climate, I bought some sandals, since I only had two pairs before this, and they had seen better days.
The blue pair is way bolder than other shoes I normally gravitate to, but they were just so cute I decided to give them a shot. The heart sandals are just adorable, and really comfortable as well.

Next my mother and I went into Bath & Body Works, because they email us coupons on a daily basis and we just can't resist!
I bought the Pretty Little Things tray you saw earlier in this post, a lovely three wick Autumn Mums candle, and a yummy smelling Bourbon Butterscotch candle that makes me hungry. :p As well as this porcelain owl candle holder that comes with a autumn scented candle already inside, -Though now I have to go back and buy a new one, because I knocked it over and it is now in a million pieces in my trashcan :( - and some Japanese Cherry Blossom room spray. I've never tried their room sprays before this, but they are amazing. They smell so good, and just two sprays fills a room with a nice, light fragrance.

 I found another store I had never seen before, but was curious to have a walk around, called Cotton On. It is a bit on the expensive side, similar to Delia's in pricing. But I still bought this cute screened sweatshirt while I was there. I know I live in Florida now, so buying sweatshirts seems a tad weird. But having lived here a long time ago, I know it does get chilly in the evenings sometimes. Plus with the air conditioning on basically all the time until fall brings the temperature down some, I do get a bit cold in the house.

More shoes! I know, but they were on sale for only $15 at Payless. And I can never pass up an Oxford. I already own three pairs of oxfords, but they are all patterned, so it's hard to pair them with certain outfits. I've been wanting a nice simple pair but with no luck, so I was happy to have stumbled onto these at such a low price.

And lastly, before finally leaving the mall and ending my wallets torture, we stopped by a little bookstore where I bought this beautiful copy of Pride and Prejudice that you have seen in this post, and A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable. I just started it recently, and it is already very good, and the book itself is gorgeous.

Thanks for reading! To check out more hauls click here.
-xo Brittany

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