Ulta Beauty & Nail Polish Haul

Two days until Universal! I am so excited, and I have already told my family that I am most likely going to embarrass them greatly the second I step foot in the Diagon Alley attraction. I am sooo getting a wand! :p

 Anyway, not too long before the move I took a trip to Ulta and went a little crazy. - No surprise there!- So today I thought I would share what I spent way too much money on.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection.

First up I bought the totally adorable Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette.
I have seen this palette on countless blogs, and have been dying to get my hands on it, even more so than the Naked Palette! I never thought I would pay so much money for makeup, but I am really glad I did. I plan on writing a full review soon, but I will say that the shadows are really lovely, color and formula wise, and I just love the tin. It is really sturdy, and it looks like a chocolate bar! How could I pass that cuteness up? :p

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit.

Too faced got me again!
I reached the end of my little NYC brow pencil duo, and thought it might be time to get a big girl brow kit.
Again, I was hesitant to spend so much, but you only live once, right?
The tin is also really pretty, and well made. I haven't seen any reviews of this to my knowledge, so I bought this blindly, which I am apt to do.
I plan on also writing a review on this kit too, so keep an eye out soon.

O.P.I 10 Pack of Style.

I loved the Coca Cola inspired nail polish collection O.P.I released earlier this summer, but buying the whole full sized collection was not in the cards. But then I found this mini collection of eight of the polishes from the line! Obviously this coming home was a given. (You can find swatches of the first four polishes here.)

O.P.I Orange You Fantastic!

The only shade not included in the mini collection was my favorite one! The polish based on my favorite soda, Fanta Orange. But I had no qualms with buying the full sized version.
Yet again, swatches and review coming soon!

(L-R) Nails Inc. Westbourne Gardens and Portobello Road.
I have never tried the Nails Inc. brand of polishes before, so I figured why not spend a few more dollars and give them a try!
Nails Inc. has some really nice collections and textures, so it was quite hard to walk away with just two, but, of course, I plan on trying more in the future.

Ulta Beauty Smoothie Dragon Fruit Frappe.
And lastly, Ulta always gets me with the small beauty knickknacks and things they put near the check out. It is a total ploy, and it works!
So I bought one of their mini beauty smoothies in Dragon Fruit Frappe. It is a 3-in-1 product, but I use it as a shampoo currently and my hair smells so good! I would highly recommend trying this. It doesn't really do anything for my hair, it cleanses pretty well and everything, but it is really all about the scent for me!

Thanks for reading! Sorry if this post was a bit picture heavy, I had nice lighting the day I took these pictures, and I got a bit carried away. (Blogger problems!)
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-xo Brittany

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  1. I've never seen that Too Faced brow pallet before! It looks lovely though I am definitely going to look out for it now that you have mentioned it here:)




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