Road Trip!

I'm back!
I know I have been gone for over a week now, but moving was a challenge and a half, and I am not even settled in yet.
But, I've missed my little blog, and thought I would share some pictures from my 1400 mile journey from Rhode Island to Florida with my mother, brother, cats, and ferret... Needless to say it was a tad on the stressful side, but it was pretty fun as well, and I did get my fill of junk food, soda, and lots and lots of coffee.

No road trip is complete without coffee!

Found a giant Ikea I would have killed to stop at. But it wasn't really the best time to shop. :p

No post is complete without kitten pictures!
My other cats were not having any of it, but Carson's favorite pass time on the road trip was watching cars and napping. He also enjoyed stealing my junk food. He has found a new love for bacon thanks to this trip.

Welcome to Florida!
I hope you found this post a little interesting. I am working on regular posts, but I am just trying to settle in, and really wanted to post something since I've been gone so long!
Even though there are some hiccups: our fridge and central air are not working, and we are currently waiting for maintenance to come and repair them, as well as waiting for our moving truck to come with our furniture, I am very happy to be in Florida, and can't wait to go to Universal and see the Harry Potter attractions, which I will post about as well!

Thanks for reading!
-xo Brittany

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