July/August 2014 Favorites

Hello! I hope your all having a nice, lazy Sunday.
During all the moving hubbub I missed my July favorites post. So I thought I would combine July and August into one big favorites list.

So here is my list of things I loved and would highly recommend for the months of July and August in no particular order.

My first favorite is one of the nerdiest. I found this awesome I Heart Heart The Doctor mug at a mall in Rhode Island before I left and it is seriously my favorite mug right now. I found a store that had basically a wall of Doctor Who memorabilia, so how I walked out with only this mug and a pen I don't know. They also had a light up sonic screwdriver that totally would have come home if I could have handled the price tag!

Now for a furry favorite! I recently adopted this little cutie. She is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster I named Sakura. She has the most enormous eyes for such a tiny little thing! Carson really likes her, and enjoys watching her constantly. I would like to believe it is because he likes her, and not because he thinks she would make a great snack...

I don't know if I can call this a favorite, or just a brand new shopping addiction. But I love Funko Pop Figures! I found out about them through my aunt (Who has the most awesome collection of them.) and now I am hooked. Especially on the Disney themed ones. After I took this picture I bought quite a few more, so I might have to make a collection post one day.

I don't often put food on my favorites lists, but I had to mention this.
As you may know, I love coffee, especially iced lattes. But the cost of ordering at Starbucks and Dunkin' can add up over time. So I like looking for homemade alternatives. I found this at my grocery and it is amazing!
You just blend the frozen coffee with milk for a couple minutes and you get a thick coffee drink similar to a Frappuccino. Yum.

Now for some fashion and beauty favorites!
I recently have been really into quirky earrings. And while I am older than their demographic, I love the ones at Claire's. I just bought these umbrella and coffee cup ones during an earring sale they were having. I like them because since they are small, they add a little personality without being over the top.

The huge fall fashion magazines are out! One of the things I look forward to as fall begins are the magazines. They are always massive, and contain so many pages full of beautiful clothes and makeup trends for fall.

A beauty favorite for August is this adorable face collection by e.l.f. inspired by my favorite Disney character, Snow White! e.l.f recently launched this collection featuring this blush/bronzer set, as well as eyeshadow kits and lip glosses. They also released a brush collection that I have already bought, I just couldn't help myself. :p

And last but certainly not least. No favorites list of mine is complete without nail polish!
I finally got my hands on a wish listed polish, China Glaze Sand Dolla Make You Holla, a beautiful shade that has the perfect cake frosting formula. I had been looking for it to no avail when I stumbled upon it in a clearance bin at Sally's beauty supply. The luck!
I have swatches coming soon if you've never seen this awesome shade, so keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading!
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-xo Brittany

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