Coca Cola by O.P.I Collection Swatches & Review Part.3

Today I am sharing part three of my Coca Cola collection swatches!
I saved, in my opinion, the best for last. Orange You Fantastic! is based on my favorite soda, Fanta Orange, and this polish was the one I was looking forward to swatching the most out of the whole collection.

O.P.I Orange You Fantastic!
My hopes were for a polish with a fantastic -Yes, I used O.P.I's pun - formula, that captured the awesomeness that is Fanta Orange. And I think this polish delivered. My one complaint, that I have with most dense glitter shades, is that the removal of said glitter is a real pain! Yes, I could have applied my O.P.I Glitter Off Base Coat, but hindsight is 20/20 people! :p

Close up of Orange You Fantastic!
I sadly do not have one of O.P.I's pun filled tag lines for this polish, as it was not included in the 10 Pack of Style mini collection I bought. But I'm sure there's one online somewhere if you really need a nail polish pun fix. I enjoy them greatly!
Anyway, as I've mentioned probably far too many times, Orange You Fantastic is based on Fanta Orange, and is a polish densely packed with hex glitters of varying sizes in orange, silver, red, yellow, and a coppery color. All in a slightly yellow tinted jelly base.
It would make an interesting glitter overlay given the nice jelly formula, but I attempted to bring it to a decent opacity for my swatches.
I applied four coats, followed by my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

in natural light.
I wasn't sure how strong the yellow tint would be on my nails, so I applied this shade over my favorite white polish, Nicole by O.P.I Yoga-Then-Yogurt.
I usually am not the biggest fan of yellow and orange nail polishes, but I like how this came out. I am curious though to see how this polish would look over an orange base.
You may have noticed how gritty the texture is. That's because the polish drank up all my top coat! That happens with textured polishes a lot, but I've never had it happen with a glitter before, so that was weird.
The formula was easy to work with, same with the glitter. Though it does clump up easily, so I would stick with thinner coats during application. Also, because of how dense the glitter is, it was hard to get a smooth edge around my cuticle, so that drove my perfectionist mind a little mad.

Overall I think it is a really cute, unique polish that has a very workable formula. I don't think it is the most wearable shade, as I do not really gravitate toward orange tones, but I really like it!

The Coca Cola Collection by O.P.I can be found online or at your local beauty supply. Full sized bottles retail for around $9 each.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review of the Coca Cola Collection. I know it has been out for some time, but it was a really cool idea for a collection, and I wanted to share my thoughts. To check out parts one and two click here and here. For more swatch and reviews of a variety of polishes click here. Or if your looking for a review of a specific polish or product, why not check out my Product Directory.
(Shameless self promotion complete!)
-xo Brittany

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