Coca Cola by O.P.I Collection Swatches & Review Part.2

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Anyway! Enough rambling. It's time for part 2 of my review of the Coca Cola Collection by O.P.I!
(You can find part one here.)

Like in part one, I swatched two polishes on each hand, but I will be reviewing each polish individually.

O.P.I My Signature is "DC".

My first swatch is of My Signature is "DC". "My initial impression? This shimmery silver is just "write"!"
(I don't really get this polishes pun filled tag line, and I usually love nail polish puns!)
This shade is based on diet coke.
A shimmery, silver creme, that has a chrome like finish that reminds me slightly of O.P.I Push and Shove, just with way more sparkle.
The sparkle does give this polish a carbonated quality, like Today I Accomplished Zero, which is cute.
Even on the first coat I could tell the formula was lovely. -It doesn't show as many flaws as its chrome counterpart Push and Shove.- Though it is still too sheer to be a two coater.
I was also pleasantly surprised that for a metallic shade it didn't show any brush strokes! A problem I could not avoid with Push and Shove.
My only recommendation is to make sure that each coat drys fully before the next, as a fresh coat does have a tendency to pull and drag the preceding coats.
For my swatches I applied three thin coats, followed by my Out the Door top coat.
I think this shade is really pretty and bold, and much easier to work with than push and shove. -It also has way more staying power, since Push and Shove only lasts for one day.- Though if you want a more solid chrome finish that is less shimmery, your better off with the latter. 

O.P.I Green On the Runway.
In natural light.
Green On the Runway. "This uncut-lime green makes a real fashion statement."
Based on Sprite.
A shimmery green holo with tones of bronze and gold.
It has a thick jelly formula that is still on the sheer side once on the nail. I would say the formula is very similar to Today I accomplished Zero
This polish, given the holo effect, is very prone to brush strokes and streaking, so unless you apply your coats very heavy handedly, I wouldn't say this is a one or two coat shade.
I applied three thin coats, followed by one coat of my top coat.
Sprite is one of my favorite sodas, so I was excited for this polish. Though I pictured a more lime green color. This shade does remind me of the metallic green of the Sprite can, so maybe that was their inspiration. 
I do like the look of it, it feels like a very nice autumn shade.

O.P.I Get Cherried Away.

Get Cherried Away. "Seriously, this black cherry is over-the-top gorgeous!"
Based on cherry coke.
A light violet creme shade that almost leans toward a slight jelly-like formula. It's thick, and I almost reached full opacity on the first coat.
I applied three thin coats to hide any residual nail peaking through, -My pet peeve.- followed by my top coat.
I am not a fan of cherry coke. Or anything cherry flavored for that matter. It reminds me of cough medicine, bleh! But I really like this polish. The color is lovely, and I really enjoy the glossy finish and great formula.
I wouldn't say it is the most unique color, but it is a nice elegant color, especially for a shade based on a soda! :p

O.P.I A Grape Affair.

A Grape Affair. "Make a big to-do in this deepest, darkest purple."
Based on Fanta Grape.
A deep purple jelly-like formula. Like Get Cherried Away, just thinner. But even on the first coat the purple color is just so bold and gorgeous! 
It also has the tendency to pull and drag during application, even after letting each coat dry, so I suggest giving each coat a few extra minutes to dry adequately before the next.
I applied four thin coats, followed by my top coat.
Grape is my least favorite flavor, I've always hated it. So obviously I am not a fan of grape soda. But I can never pass up a good grape toned polish! It is very pretty, and a lovely purple shade to add to my ever growing collection. 

The Coca Cola Collection by O.P.I can be found online or at your local beauty supply, the full sized bottles retail for around $9 each. I bought my box set of 8 mini shades for $25 at Ulta.

Thanks for reading! Again, to check out part one click here. Or to check out all of my swatch and reviews click here. And finally, if you are looking for a review of a specific polish or product, why not take a look through my Product Directory.
Part three of my Coca Cola swatches will be up next week, so keep an eye out!
-xo Brittany
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