Coca Cola by O.P.I Collection Swatches & Review Part.1

I'm back... Again!
All of my belongings finally arrived after 10 days of waiting -We were told 3-7, but I won't get into that!- but unpacking was more of a burden than I thought it would be.
I am always such a regular blogger, so this huge lack of posts has been really weird! I had hoped to keep blogging while settling into my new house, but that just proved to be impossible.
Luckily, I have almost completely unpacked, and I think I can finally get into a normal post schedule again! Yay!
I also have a new room tour coming soon, as I am almost done decorating.

But until then, I wanted to share a nail polish collection I was really excited to get my hands on. I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but again, moving sucks!
This Coca Cola and O.P.I collaboration has been out for some time, but bear with me! I love the idea of it, I think it is a really unique collection, so even though I am sure countless bloggers have already reviewed this collection a while ago, I just have to share my thoughts as well. Because the line consists of 9 polishes, I had to break up my posts so they wouldn't be a mile long, so here is part one of three.

I had planned on buying the whole collection in full sized bottles during a trip to Ulta before the move. But that was not really in my budget at $9 a pop. So I relented to only buying a couple. But Then the nail gods looked down on me, and I found box set of mini versions of 8 of the polishes for $25! The only polish it did not contain was my favorite, the polish inspired by my favorite drink Fanta Orange. But I had no problem buying a full sized version to complete the collection. (That polish will be swatched on part three, saving the best for last!)

I loved the box set. It came out to a way better price than buying full sized bottles separately, plus you get two little bottles of Nail Envy and top coat.

The box also has some cute illustrations, as well as a little press release, and pun fueled descriptions for all the shades that I will be sure to quote for you during my review.
I always like when O.P.I makes the mini bottles of their collections, it is a great way to try all the shades without murdering my bank account.

Now let's talk polish!
For these swatches I applied two shades to each hand, but I will be reviewing each polish individually.

O.P.I Coca Cola Red.

First up is Coca Cola Red."Classic red, always in style, always perfect."
This shade is based on classic Coca Cola.
A ruby red creme that I feel looks very similar to O.P.I Red, though I do not have that polish with me at the moment to be completely sure. I think it might be a bit bolder.
The coverage on this polish was just lovely! It has a nice thickness to the formula that I like.
I wouldn't say it is a one coater, as my free edge was still too visible for my preference, but this polish is easily a two coater.
I applied two coats, followed by my Out the Door top coat.
I wouldn't say this is the most exciting shade in the collection, but I am very impressed with the formula. And there is nothing wrong with the classics! I may even pick up a full sized bottle of this.

O.P.I Today I Accomplished Zero.
In natural light.
Today I Accomplished Zero. "Dramatic black with effervescent red sparkle is a total must-do."
Based on Coke Zero.
A sheer gel-like black base full of ruby red metallic shimmer.
As I said, the base is quite sheer, so this shade is definitely not a two coater, unless your looking for a glitter overlay.
For nice opacity I applied four thin coats, followed by my top coat.
I think this shade is one of the most intriguing from the collection, it is very eye catching. I just wish it was easier to photograph to show you just how pretty it is in real life. Pictures don't do it justice!
The mix of the slightly matte black base with the metallic red glitter pieces is lovely to look at, and while I've never tried Coke Zero, the glitter flecks do remind me of carbonation bubbles. Very cute.

O.P.I You're So Vain-illa.
You're So Vain-illa. "I bet you think this creamy nude is all about you."
Based on my brother's favorite soda, Vanilla Coke.
A very light taupe creme, that reminds me more of coffee milk than soda!
Given how light the shade is, it wasn't too surprising to find it is a tad streaky the first two coats. It also shows every little brush stroke, which really kills the perfectionist in me. But I just let the coats dry longer in between each application to prevent dragging and help the polish level off. Though even with that precaution it was hard to smooth out the brush strokes. Luckily it leveled out when it dried completely, so it is not as noticeable at a distance.
I applied four medium coats, followed by my top coat.
While it had some formula issues -Which isn't uncommon with most nude shades.- it is a lovely nude tone that looks nice with my skin tone. Though it does make me thirsty for coffee milk! Probably not what Coca Cola was hoping for...
I can't place my finger on exactly why I really love this creme, I just love it, I only wish its formula was more like Coca Cola Red.

O.P.I Sorry I'm Fizzy Today.

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today. "Do Not Disturb... I'm enjoying this creamy, smooth pink."
Also based on Vanilla Coke. I guess they just couldn't choose!
A thin, slightly watery gel-like pale pink. Very similar to You're So Vain-illa in formula, streaky and susceptible to brushstrokes.
I applied four medium coats, followed by my top coat.
Also like You're So Vain-illa, this is a very pretty pale shade. I especially like it when paired with its counterpart. The light, white based, strawberry pink doesn't really read vanilla to me, but I love this shade of pink, it is very pretty. While the formula is not extraordinary, the color is lovely, and I also plan on picking up a full sized bottle of this polish as well.

The Coca Cola by O.P.I collection can be found online or at your local beauty supply, the full sized bottles retail for around $9 each.
I bought my box set of 8 mini shades for $25 at Ulta.

Thanks for reading! I will have part two up this week, until then feel free to check out all of my swatch and reviews by clicking here. Or if your looking for a review of a specific polish or product, why not check out my Product Directory.
-xo Brittany

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