Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen Review

Today I am going to share my opinions on one of Sally Hansen's new I Heart Nail Art Pens. And my opinions are not as pleasant as they normally are. Now, I always give my honest thoughts, good or bad, it's just that I am pretty easy to please, so I don't often have cause to leave a terrible review.
Not today! This pen was a total disappointment, and I don't plan on using it again anytime soon. Maybe some of you have tried this pen and disagree with me, that's fine, but I just had to share my grievances, and the most tiny of praises.

Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in Turquoise.

The I Heart Nail Art Pen is from Sally Hansen's new I Heart Nail Art line of pens, dotting tools, and other nail accessories. And, yes, I love the name! :p I've used nail art pens in the past, but now I rarely branch out from my brushes. So, seeing as I am such a fan of Sally Hansen, I thought I would give one a try. I picked shade Turquoise, because I love turquoise almost as much as I love mint. Unfortunately, the pens packaging and name gave the impression it was turquoise, while on my nails the color read far more green.
Speaking of packaging, I like the look of the pens, they're comfortable to hold when using, and the logo is quite cute. It definitely has the look of a Sharpie to me.
Given how much this pen looks like a Sharpie, I was expecting maybe a felt tip or something, so it was odd to open the cap to see it is basically a plastic vial thing that the nail polish pours out of.
To use the pen you have to shake it, then press the plastic vial onto a hard surface to start the flow of nail polish. It warns not to apply it onto bare nails, and not to get any onto your skin, so that was not a good sign for me.

To test the pen out I used it over a base of my new white nail polish obsession, Nicole by O.P.I Yoga-Then-Yogurt, to create some free hand hounds tooth patterns. I topped the design off with a coat of my Out the Door fast dry top coat, then one coat of my Essie Matte About You top coat.

It was my very first attempt at hounds tooth so don't judge! :p
The first thing I noticed during application was that the polish inside the pen was ridiculously watery, no matter how much I shook the pen. This watery formula meant that getting precise lines was next to impossible, as the polish would bleed like mad. The odd vial pen tip also was not very precise, leading to either too much polish, or not enough.
As you can see in my design, the nail polish is also very splotchy. That's because once the polish stopped bleeding, it would then shrink up leaving bare patches!
Another noticeable thing, my poor stained skin! When the pen instructions stated not to get it onto skin, they meant it. And that's fine, but when you have polish as watery as this, it is downright impossible not to get it onto your skin. What your seeing in my pictures is the aftermath of ten minutes of scrubbing my skin with nail polish remover, and there is still residue left. It finally faded after a couple of days.
As if it couldn't get anymore annoying, after I finished my nails and they dried completely, I had to wash my hands, and the polish on my right hand completely poured off my nails! It was as if I made the design using cake frosting... I didn't put my matte top coat on that hand, just two coats of my regular top coat. My nails with the matte top coat on my left hand lasted a day or so, then the polish quickly began coming off on those nails as well.

Overall, I honestly strongly dislike this pen, and, again, have no plans on using it in the future. I think I'll stick with my nail art brushes for now.

If you would like to try this pen out for yourself, you can find it online or at your local drugstore, and it retails for around $8 each.

Thanks for reading! If you have any nail art pen recommendations, let me know in the comments!
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-xo Brittany

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