Paper to Polish #5

Hello again! In a little moving update, I am almost finished packing, and I am thrilled about it. Having lived in the same place for almost 15 years, I forgot how annoying packing is, as well as just the amount of stuff you can accumulate in 15 years!

But anyway, I had a little bit of time in between packing and work to share with you the 5th installment of my Paper to Polish nail art series.
All the other designs from my magazine inspired series have been based on clothes or accessories, but this design was actually inspired by a nail design. Who would have guessed! :p

My design was inspired by this cute, girly manicure on Katy Perry for this Covergirl ad. I know I like to focus on more abstract inspired nail designs, but I can never pass up a good glitter gradient, and I quite liked the pink and silver combination.

For my nail art I started with a base of Rimmel London New Romantic -I sadly do not own any pink or silver Covergirl nail polishes at the moment, sorry Covergirl! - , let that dry fully, then used O.P.I Desperately Seeking Sequins to create my gradient. I applied one drop of polish onto my free-edge, cleaned off the brush, then dragged the polish up the length of my nails.
As an added bonus of sparkle, I recreated the pretty silver star earrings katy Perry is wearing in this ad -That I forgot to photograph! - and added some silver star nail accessories to my ring fingers by dipping them into a pool of top coat, then applying them with tweezers.
I topped my design off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Under lamp.

And just to attempt to show you the insane sparkle that is Desperately Seeking Sequins, here are two photos in natural and direct sunlight. As my lamp pictures did not do it justice.

In direct sunlight.
In natural light.
I like how this design came out, it is very simple and girly. I normally don't recreate actual nail art very often, but I loved this girly glitter bomb. Though it was nice to add my own spin with the star accessories.
Desperately Seeking Sequins is the greatest silver glitter I own, and I will not deny that I would stare at it for far too long when I was in any form of direct light. It's just so sparkly! Yes, I know, I am a total cliche of a girl. :p

Thanks for reading! To check out my other Paper to Polish nail designs click here. Or to look through all of my nail art in general click here.
-xo Brittany

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