O.P.I Muppets Most Wanted Collection Swatches & Review

It is so hot! Remember during the winter months I would post about how I couldn't wait for summer? I regret everything I said. The grass is always greener, right?
So, while I hide in my air conditioning I thought I would share with you some swatches of two polishes from the totally adorable Muppets Most Wanted Collection by O.P.I.
I know this collection has been out for some time, but I love these shades and really wanted to share my opinions on them, so bear with me while I ramble.

O.P.I Let's Do Anything We Want!

First up is Let's Do Anything We Want!, a clear base full of small round pink metallic glitter, and small and large matte white square glitter. This polish was the one that caught my interest the most when I was browsing the collection. I don't see square glitter very often, and I just loved the look of it, especially mixed with the beautiful metallic pink glitter.
Now, seeing as this shade has a clear base, this is really more of an overlay. Reaching full opacity would be quite the feat, so I stuck to light coverage, and applied it over a base of Milani Pink Express.
The formula is good, it is a gel-like consistency, and the small glitter is dense and easy to get onto my nails. The large square glitter is another matter. They were much more difficult to apply, so I had to fish them out with the brush and place them onto my nails. Not surprising with larger glitter formulas, but still a tad annoying.
For my swatches I applied three thin coats over my base color, followed by my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

Let's Do Anything We Want! under lamp.
Let's Do Anything We Want! in natural light.
Let's Do Anything We Want! in direct sunlight.
O.P.I Muppets World Tour.

Next up is Muppets World Tour, an interesting mix of silver micro-glitter, metallic hex glitter, matte white round and square glitter in differing sizes, and red and blue metallic hex glitter, all combined in a clear gel-like base.
This is also not really made for full opacity on its own, so I applied it over a base of Essie Chinchilly.
The formula was good, not too watery, and it didn't take a ton of coats to get nice coverage.
Unlike its counterpart, the smaller size of this polishes glitter makes it much easier to apply to my nails. It was also easy to get a lot of the blue and red glitters out, which I really wanted to showcase.
The glitter proved hard to photograph, but in real life it is really nice and sparkly. I like the surprise addition of the red and blue glitter, it really adds some interest to the all the silver and white.
For my swatches I applied three thin coats over my base color, followed by my Essie top coat.

Muppets World Tour under lamp.
Muppets World Tour in direct sunlight.
Muppets World Tour in natural light.
Overall, I really like the shades I picked. They were an interesting take on glitter polish, and I love the square glitter particles. 
There are 12 shades in this collection, which can be found online or at your local beauty supply store,
(I bought mine at Ulta.) and retail for around $8 each.

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-xo Brittany
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