Marshall's Fashion Haul

As I've mentioned in this post, I recently went out for some frozen yogurt with my family, but the shop wasn't open. So we took a stroll to the Marshall's next door where I bought a few things... I couldn't help it! Marshall's is very inexpensive, and they always have the cutest clothes if you have the patience to dig through the countless racks. So, basically I came home with a lot more than froyo, and today I am going to share what I bought with you!

First up was the most surprising purchase. Butterlondon polish for only $5! If there had been more than one shade I probably would have walked out with all of them. :p
This shade is called Wellies, and it is a pretty yellow/green creme.

I found this cute lace crop for $15. I love lace, and thought this would be a great summer top to wear with tank tops. I've received a few compliments on it, and I have to say it is one of my favorite tops for summer.

I then picked up this orange knit top, also for $15. I was a tad disappointed to discover when I got home that there was a slight tear near one of the sleeves, but it's not too noticeable.
I normally am not a fan of orange, but it is such a cute top, and looks really cute with leggings and a different colored tank underneath it.

This was a surprising purchase for me. I don't know what you call this, a lace kimono? Whatever it is, it looks like I'm preparing to go to a music festival or something. It was a total impulse buy, but I really like it! It's a bit unusual looking with all the lace flowers and tassels around the edges, but it works for some reason... Or maybe I'm just crazy... Either way, I like it! I bought it also for $15. -It's like the number of the day or something.-

I know, I know! I fell for yet another trend! I never thought I would get into the overalls trend, but I just loved the tribal pattern and distressed hem of these. Plus they were on clearance for $10!

And lastly, I bought this blouse for $20, with yes, you guess it, lace. (I'm noticing a trend here...) While it is long sleeved, the fabric is really light and airy, perfect for those cooler summer days. I also obviously love the lace detailing on the back and pockets. You can never have too much lace!

Thanks for reading! To check out more fashion hauls click here.
-xo Brittany

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