L'Oreal Paris Mint Glacee Swatches & Review

Sorry my posts are a bit sporadic lately. But I am in the process of moving! And I would be lying if I said it wasn't both time consuming and stressful. But the move is not far away, and soon I will have more time for my blog.
But I am here today, and I will be sharing a super pretty polish by L'Oreal Paris called Mint Glacee. This shade is part of the Les Blancs collection of polishes by L'Oreal, which are pale, white based pastels, as well as speckled matte glitter shades.

L'Oreal Paris Mint Glacee in natural light.

While the speckled glitter polishes were very interesting, and had a spotted robins egg look to them, I was drawn to the solid pastels. Mint Glacee in particular. I just love any shade of mint! I have so many mint polishes in my collection, and yet I still want more!

Mint Glacee is a super pale, mint creme shade, that dries to a creamy, glossy finish.
Like most pastel shades, it is on the streaky side. Though a lot less so than others in my collection.
Also, thanks to that white base tone, and thick formula, I was able to reach full opacity without the need of a plain white base coat underneath.

For my swatches, I applied four medium coats, followed by my Out the Door top coat. You could probably get away with thinner coats, but I was impatient that day. :p
I apologize again for my ugly cuticle injury that made it so I couldn't properly clean up the cuticle area on my middle finger nail. Needless to say, nail polish remover and cuts do not mix. These swatches were taken before that cut healed, but it is all better now!

L'Oreal Paris Mint Glacee under lamp.

Hello, my name is Brittany and I am addicted to mint nail polish.
This may be partly because of my total mint obsession, but I love this polish! I never thought mint could get any paler and prettier, but this shade is like bleached mint.
It does read very white in certain lighting, but I like that about it, it is a very subtle, elegant shade. (Especially when you ignore the ugly cuticle.)
I also appreciate how flattering it is with my ghostly pale skin.
I've been wanting a shade from this collection for some time now, and luckily this one does not disappoint, in color or formula. The formula was very velvety, and easy to work with, which is always surprising with such a light polish. I definitely plan on buying more shades from the Les Blancs line, including one of the speckled shades.

L'Oreal Paris Mint Glacee retails for around $5, and can be found online, or at your local drugstore or beauty supply.

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-xo Brittany

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