June/July 2014 Beauty Empties

I haven't made an empties post in ages! Mostly because I use up products at a snails pace, and also because I would use up products, then throw them out without thinking. Only later would I think "Man! That could have been in an empties post!" But I finally remembered to save some products to photograph, and today I am sharing my opinions on the products I finally finished up in June and the very beginning of July.
I like these posts, since you actually finished the product fully, you can give a really comprehensive review, unlike when you try it only a few times.
So, let's talk empties!

My first finished product was this Cocoa Butter Mango Splash body wash by Tone. I like Tone because they are super cheap, and always have really lovely scents. This one was no exception. I wouldn't say it is as moisturizing as all the buzz words on the bottle say, but it lathered nicely, and my skin didn't feel overly tight after cleansing. It is not so fantastic that I plan on repurchasing, I like to move on to different scents frequently, but it was nice nonetheless.

I love body mist! I have been slowly getting into actual perfumes lately, but I always go back to body mists, especially in the summer. This Cherry Blossom mist is by Avon and smells so lovely! I normally don't buy products by Avon much, but I couldn't pass up the cherry blossom scent. Plus the bottle is huge! This one lasted for a long time before I finally hit the bottom. Just because I can buy similar body mists at my local drugstore at half the cost, I won't be repurchasing this, but I would recommend it if your a regular Avon shopper. If they still carry it that is, as this is pretty old.

I was proud of myself that I used up this moisturizer, as I greatly disliked it! There is not anything really wrong with it formula wise, it does it's job of moisturizing and protecting my skin, it just had a very oily texture that I didn't like, and it took too long to soak into my skin, leaving my skin very shiny. Also, weirdly sometimes it would burn?! I don't know why, but I am not a fan.
I recently switched to two great moisturizers by Neutrogena -As I still love the brand.- and Garnier, and am a lot happier. And so is my skin! Reviews on those products coming soon...

OK, this product may not look technically empty, as there are two eye shadows relatively untouched in their pans. But I only used this trio for the amazing highlight shade that, as you can see, is totally gone! The other two colors were way too chalky to work with. This trio is by Almay, and is from their complementary eye color collection of shadows, liners, and mascaras. I forgot if the trio had a name, but it is for hazel eyes. I bought a trio from Revlon that has an equally nice highlight shade, so I don't plan on repurchasing this just for the highlight color.
Sorry about the ugly applicator sponge! That was from when I attempted to use the darker shades. I have since learned that sponge applicators are useless.

This is the third container of this powder I have hit pan on! This is Multi-colored Highlighter Powder palette by Physicians Formula and it is a staple in my makeup collection. I've been using it for quite some time, and even though I use it everyday the pans last me for a long time. Each color in the palette helps cancel out an unwanted color on your skin, and the formula helps remove shine, and makes your foundation last longer. If you couldn't tell, I love this product, and it is one of my favorite drugstore beauty products.
Sorry it looks a tad yucky, but I did use it quite frequently, so its seen some wear and tear.

And lastly, if you look behind the powder, you will see a jar of Blistex revive lip balm. I have really dry lips that no lip balm I have tried can conquer. Sadly this balm failed as well. But it was still nice, and absorbed quickly on my lips. I don't plan on repurchasing, but if you have slightly dry lips, I would recommend it.

Thanks for reading! To check out more beauty related posts click here.
-xo Brittany

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