June Favorites 2014

Yet again, it is time to share the things I was obsessed with for the month of June 2014.
And, like always, the majority will be nail polish! :p

I am really loving pastels for summer this year. A bit surprising given how many brands are releasing neons for the summer. I like the neon trend, and have a few shades, but they don't look the best with my pale skin. Pastels on the other hand, look lovely. So I picked up two more colors from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line. And of course I bought yet another mint shade, because you can never have enough mint!
I also bought another one of L'Oreal's textured polishes. They are very similar to Zoya's Pixi Dust line, but a lot easier to get my hands on, as they are sold in drugstores. I love the look of this black shade with silver glitter, and already have a little swatch on my Instagram -Link on the right.- if your curious to see what it looks like on the nails. (Shameless self promotion completed!)

I bought this right at the end of June, but I am just so excited about it that I had to mention it!
I have been wanting to try water decals for a while now, thanks to The Nailasaurus, who always creates the most amazing nail art with them, but kept forgetting to buy some. Finally, I bought this cute 30 piece kit from Amazon for $17. I've never heard of Pueen before, but the kit comes with the cutest sets of decals, and I already have a billion ideas for nail art with them.

This polish isn't on my favorites list because it's a really pretty yellow/green creme. It's because I bought a Butter London polish, normally $15, for $5!
I went out with my family to get some frozen yogurt, but the place wasn't open yet. So to kill some time we went to the Marshall's next door. Now, obviously, I shopped, and walked out with clothes I did not plan on buying. -Haul post coming soon.- But as I was walking to the checkout I saw a stand with clearance merchandise, and on that stand was a sad little collection of Butter London shades! After realizing I was not seeing a mirage, I had to take one of them home. It would have been mean not too... I would have walked out with all of them, but they were all this same shade of green.

This favorite is actually my mothers fault. :p
She bought one of these adorable pink Instax mini Polaroid cameras, so naturally, I ran onto Amazon and bought one too. It takes surprisingly good pictures, and the small Polaroids are really cute. I plan on hanging them on a board in my bedroom.

And lastly, I normally don't mention food much on my favorites lists, but I recently tried these birthday cake M&M'S and I had to include them. I am not a big fan of M&M's, but these are really good. They taste just like cake frosting. If you have a craving for chocolate -And who doesn't!- I would highly recommend these!

Thanks for reading! To check out my favorite things for May 2014 click here.
-xo Brittany

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