Triangle Nail Art with Milani Sugar Rush

Hello! Today I have some nail art inspired by the interesting colors of Milani Sugar Rush.

If you read my review of this polish (here) you know I was not that thrilled with the formula and application, but I loved the color palette, so I decided to use it as an accent nail, and also as color inspiration for a simple nail design.
For my design, I used Sally Hansen Nude Now as my base. Then I used striping tape to mark off my free-edges and triangles, to make sure they came out precise, and filled them in with Milani Showy Sea-green. I normally hate striping tape, it usually pulls up my base polish, or bleeds colors, but this time it worked! I started applying a speed dry top coat beforehand, and that really seems to help. - This is probably common knowledge, and I am just late to the party...-
For my accent nail I applied a base of Showy Sea-green, then two coats of Sugar Rush.
I finished the design off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

This is not a color palette I would normally go for, so it was fun trying something new. For some reason I get a 70's vibe from it. :p 
I love how my triangles came out, I just wish my nails were longer so my free-edges would stand out more, but my poor nails just keep breaking!

Thanks for reading! If you would like to see full swatches of Milani Sugar Rush and Showy Sea-green you can find my review of them here. Or for more nail art click here.
-xo Brittany
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