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Superman has Kryptonite, Batman has The Joker, and I have Target. Everyone has their weaknesses, and I try to avoid mine as much as possible. But recently my TV kicked the bucket, and Target was the closest option to buy a new one. So, needless to say, some money was spent, and I walked out with more than a TV. :p

So today I am sharing yet another haul. Minus the TV, because that just seemed boring as I know nothing about the specs of it. All I know is that it is small and flat, and feeds my Real Housewives addiction. That's it.

OK, I'm kind of cheating here. These accessories were bought around the same time as my Target trip, and I wanted to share them, so I bundled the trips together. Sorry!
Anyway, first I had to run into my local drugstore, and of course I walked out with nail polish... Oops.
CVS was having a sale on Nicole by O.P.I polishes, so I picked up another Gumdrops textured shade in a pretty purple color, as well as an interesting holographic diamond shaped glitter polish. It makes me think of carnival confetti, and I am very interested to see how well the formula will work since it looks a tad gooey in the bottle. Then I picked up a Sally Hansen Gem Crush shade with gold and purple glitter. An interesting combination that I can't wait to swatch.

Then I went to Payless because, yet again, I was drawn in by a sale! So I picked up this really pretty yellow statement necklace that was 20% off. Lately I've really liked wearing statement necklaces with plain T-shirts, plus, the bright yellow color felt very summery.

I swear I am getting to the Target portion of this post! But first I have to share the actual shoes I bought at Payless as well. I can never pass up a BOGO sale, and I needed -That's what I tell myself so I'll buy it.- some new sandals. I first bought these bronze gladiator sandals. They are really comfortable, and were only $15!

For my second pair, I bought yet another pair of flats. I love the black and white stripes, it's a bolder pattern, but they still go with almost everything I wear. I think they were $25 before the discount.

Now it's time for Target! I actually bought something useful -Shocking!-. I needed a new bathing suit for summer, so I picked up this cute tankini with black bottoms -That I forgot to take a picture of.-. Of course they sell both pieces separately, so I ended up paying around $20 a piece. A bit pricey for me, but I really liked the look of them, and I am not brave enough for a bikini! The top also comes with removable straps, which I thought was a nice touch.

I saw this dress right when I walked in and that was that. I love lace, and the pink bib detail is so cute. It also helped that it was only $25. No surprise that this came home! It is really light and airy, making it perfect for really hot summer days. My genius mother also pointed out that it would make a great beach cover up as well.

Not that long ago I used to hate wearing shorts and skirts because I was very self conscious about my legs. But I've been trying to branch out and get over it, and I have started loving shorts. I own a few cute ones, but I wanted a new pair for summer and found this cute tribal pair. It is made out of nice thin fabric and the pattern is really cute. They were also only $15, so I didn't feel too guilty buying them.

You may have noticed my pictures look different, or not. But if you did, that is because I have a backlog of photos taken before my new Mac and photoshop purchase, so the picture quality may be a bit sporadic while I catch up on posts, but new better quality pictures are coming!

Thanks for reading! To check out other fashion hauls I've posted click here.
-xo Brittany

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