Skoshbox Unboxing: June 2014

Today I thought I would share with you the yummy Japanese candy I got in my June Skoshbox.
This is actually one of my last Skoshboxes for a while! I had to cancel my subscription for a bit, so I will be getting Japanese candy withdrawal. But maybe I'll use the time to finally post my Popin' Cookin' tutorials I've been meaning to post for weeks. :p

Skoshbox June 2014.
This box was one of the best boxes I've had so far. Which either is a great way to end the subscription, or the worst way, because I may miss it even more.

Now, I did state that this was one of the best boxes I've received so far, but that doesn't mean there wasn't anything gross at all. But the majority of the box was very good, so that makes up for it.

Corn Potage Umaibo: Creamy corn potage flavored puffed corn stick.
I've had this umaibo before, and the realistic corn flavor is crazy, and pretty good. Though, because I don't eat corn very often, I really couldn't eat this snack frequently. It is the package with the peaceful corn that is apparently very happy to be boiled alive...

Takoyaki Umaibo: Tayoyaki (octopus ball) flavored puffed corn snack.
While the package is very cute, I just couldn't bring myself to taste octopus! I am a total chicken, I don't deny it. My brother tried it, and said it tasted very salty, but wasn't bad... I took his word for it.

I am always so happy when I see KitKats in the Skoshbox! I've said this before, but Japan has the greatest flavors of KitKats ever, and this flavor was no exception.

KitKat Bake - Pudding x2: New Release!
Now, you are supposed to cook them in the oven or toaster before eating, but I didn't... I just wanted to eat the KitKat. It still tasted amazing though! Plus the packaging is really cute.

Bake-Choco x2: Chocolate bars with warm chocolate filling.
More baking! Again, my laziness took over and I just ate the candy. Also really good, they have a strong cocoa flavor that reminds me of hot cocoa in bar form. Yum.

Harvest Green Tea Crackers: Baked sweet green tea crackers.
I, weirdly, dislike green tea as a drink, yet really like it as a flavor of snacks. Case in point these green tea crackers. They have a lovely flavor, and the texture is very similar to graham crackers. I would love to have a package of these everyday with a cup of coffee!

Wasabi Kakinotane: Baked spicy wasabi cracker and peanut mix.
I've had this snack before also. It is a smokey/spicy trail mix. A nice break after all the sweets in this months box.

Matcha Mochi Choco Square: Matcha chocolate with mochi center.
The small green square package. I love matcha so much thanks to Skoshbox, so I was looking forward to trying this one. I liked the matcha coating, but I was not a fan of the mochi center. It was way too chewy for my taste.

Matcha Okoshi: Matcha puffed rice snack.
I liked this matcha snack much more than the first. It was like Rice Crispies coated in matcha.

Thanks for reading! My very last Skoshbox for July should be here any day now, and I will be sharing it soon. To check out my previous Skoshbox unboxing posts click here.
-xo Brittany

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