Shopping the Stash: Sally Hansen Pat On the Black

It's been a while since I've made one of these posts, so I am shopping my stash and picking an oldie but goodie polish to share with you.
Today I am swatching Sally Hansen Pat On the black, a polish with a pun that's so bad it's good, and a fantastic formula.

Sally Hansen Pat On the black.
This is a creme formula in a very deep plum shade that is on the verge of black. Honestly, in certain lighting it does look like a black polish, but in the right light you can see the hidden purple tones within. -That sounded dramatic!- Anyway, this is a really nice dark polish, that also has the lovely formula I come to expect with Complete Salon Manicure shades. This polish is a two coater, and in case you didn't know, it is also a base coat, color, and top coat in one, so it is perfect for lazy manicure days.

I've had this polish for quite some time, and while it is not the most exciting shade, I really like it.
It's perfect if you want a dark, sophisticated manicure, without going for a black polish and falling into gothic territory. Now, I love black nail polish, but some people -My mom included.- are not a fan.
When I wear this polish I do feel very elegant, and the dark color makes my nails look great, and surprisingly doesn't wash me out. It also doesn't really stain! Shocking! That built in base coat does wonders. -I remember in my goth teenage years, my dark nail polish habit stained my nails to oblivion!-

For my swatches, I applied two relatively thin coats of Pat On the Black, and I still applied my Essie Super Duper Top Coat, because I'm weird, and I don't follow instructions!
Also, I think it's because after years of applying top coats, it is just so ingrained in me to apply one, that I just don't trust my manicure to last without that last step.
OK, enough weird introspection, let's talk polish:

Pat On the Black under lamp.

Pat On the Black in natural light.
I love this polish, and I will be holding onto it, even though it has greatly surpassed the recommended toss date of nail polishes. But I really just can't part with my nail polishes! If they are not gooey, I keep them... Don't judge me! :p But seriously, this nail polish has lasted for a long time, including a few very hot summers. So the fact that it is still thin, and easy to apply, just shows how great this polish is.

Sally Hansen Pat On the Black retails for around $6 to $8, depending on where you shop, and can still be found online, or at your local drugstore.

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-xo Brittany

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