Popin' Cookin' Haul

I know most hauls revolve around beauty products, clothes, or decor. But today I will be sharing a candy haul!
As you may well know from my countless Skoshbox unboxings, I have a fascination with Japanese candy.
Not too long ago I came across a video by Strawburry17 on Youtube all about Popin' Cookin', which is candy you make that looks like miniature versions of normal food. I really wanted to try it, but I had a hard time finding them. Finally, -It's sad how long it took me to think of this. :p - I decided to check out the site that has everything, Amazon, and sure enough I found a bunch of them for less than $5 a piece! So, naturally, I bought six of them...

Popin' Cookin'!
To make these candy kits all you use is water and little powder packets, and it makes really realistic candy "food". I am obsessed, and there are a few more online that I plan on buying soon as well.

The first kit I bought is really the most popular one, candy sushi! I've already made it, and the sushi looks very real, and is frankly adorable. I know that is weird to say about candy, but it's true.

Next, I bought the doughnut kit, which I also made recently. It was cute, and I did attempt to make the bear on the box, though sadly it was kind of a fail.

This one I was really excited about, and I can't even use it! It came in the mail basically crushed like a pancake. Now, if it was the normal powder kit this wouldn't really matter, but it had to be the one kit that contains super fragile waffle cones!

This candy kit makes a little bento box. I haven't made it yet, but it looks really cute.

Next up is the cake kit. This one takes me back to my Easy Bake Oven days, as you actually bake the little cakes in the microwave. I don't know how good they will taste, but I know they will look adorable.

And finally, I bought the burger kit, which also came in the mail a bit flattened. Though luckily not as bad as the ice cream kit.
I have seen this kit in some videos, and know it is supposed to taste bad, but it also comes with soda powder that actually carbonates! So I am still going to give it a try.

Now, these kits are completely in Japanese, which I sadly do not read or speak. So I used Youtube video tutorials to make them. I plan on making some picture tutorials myself to show how to make them, simply because I prefer picture tutorials myself, and most of the video tutorials are not that great.
If that sounds interesting to you let me know in the comments! I plan on making the first tutorial soon.
But if you want to try some Popin' Cookin' and want a video tutorial, I would recommend Strawburry17's videos, they are really cute and funny, and she usually has a special guest help her make them.

Thanks for reading!
-xo Brittany

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