Polka Dot Gradient Nail Art

On a personal note, if you've read this post, then you know I recently adopted a cute, crazy kitten I named Sybil. Well, I forgot to mention that Sybil went to her first vet check up where it was discovered that Sybil is really a Sam. -The only male equivalent I could think of to Sybil.- . So his name has been changed to Carson, and now he has to deal with lots of pink toys and accessories until I buy him some new toys. But what matters is that he is totally healthy and happy, though it was a funny surprise!

Anyway, I think this is my most random nail design ever, but I really liked how it came out so I decided to share it with you today!
I seem to be finding nail art inspiration in the weirdest places lately, case in point, this design came about thanks to my new travel makeup brushes... Told you it was random. :p

I wanted some small makeup brushes for my purse, and I found these at my local drugstore. They are not the highest quality, but do their job, and are really cute. For my inspired design I incorporated the pink gradient as well as the pink and white polka dots.

I started with a base of Nicole by O.P.I Yoga-Then-Yogurt. Then I used a makeup sponge and sponged on Yoga-Then-Yogurt and Nicole by O.P.I Carnival Cotton Candy to create my gradient. I applied my colors twice to get a bolder look.
Once my gradient was dry, I used a larger dotting tool to apply both colors again, making sure to apply the colors the opposite way as my base colors, to make a polka dot gradient as well. Hopefully that made sense, I'm a bit tired today so I'm trying not to babble. :p
Once my polka dots were dry, I topped the design off with my Out the Door fast dry top coat.

Hopefully you may have noticed that my pictures look a bit higher quality! I recently became the proud owner of a Mac, as well as photoshop, so I don't have to use Windows Paint to edit my pictures anymore. I am still figuring photoshop out though, but I am improving!

I like the girly color palette of this design. I was going to incorporate the black of the brush handles, but I prefer the simple pink and white look. Less is more sometimes!
I am also happy that my gradients seem to be improving. I'm hooked now, so don't be surprised to see more in the future...

Thanks for reading! To check out more of my nail art click here.
-xo Brittany

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