Outlet Mall Haul

As I teased in this post, I recently killed my wallet at my local outlet mall, and today I'm sharing what I bought!
I just planned on buying a purse, but of course, that did not happen...

Bracelets from Claire's.
First I went to Claire's. I know I am a bit older than their target audience, but I love discount jewelry!
I seem to be having a gold bracelet moment right now, so I bought this cute gold spike bracelet. Claire's was also selling a complete collection of jewelry from Katy Perry, and I just couldn't pass up this quirky gold ROAR bracelet.

Midi-rings from Claire's.
While I was at Claire's I finally got my hands on some midi-rings. No pun intended.
I love the midi-ring trend, and bonus, they were only $4! The only down side is they are already tarnishing, which is no surprise given they were $4... I plan on getting some better quality ones down the road, but these are really cute for now.

Strawberry earrings from Claire's.
I've noticed that quirky earrings are a big thing at Claire's stores, there was an entire section dedicated to it! They had dinosaurs, cats, zebras, ice cream, you name it. I loved it, so I jumped on board quite easily and picked up this cute strawberry set. Though, now I really regret not buying the dinosaurs too...

Cute little owl from Claire's.
A little owl gift from my mom! She bought it from Claire's as a surprise for me. -She knows my love of owls all too well.- You're never too old for a cute stuffed owl! :p

Purse and wallet by Kate Spade.

And now the whole reason I went to the outlet mall!
I wanted a higher quality purse. Not that there is anything wrong with my purses I bought at Target, Dot's, and so on. Just because I've never owned one, and I figured it would last longer, and show less wear and tear. So I went to the amazing Kate Spade outlet, which I've never been to before, -And never wanted to leave once I got there!- and picked out this adorable polka dotted gold purse and matching wallet. I was concerned that this purchase would require the entirety of my bank account, but the outlet prices were great, plus the store was having a 40% off sale on purses! It was fate! :p

Bracelet by Kate spade.
 I swear I planned on walking out with just my purse in hand, but I saw this bow bracelet, and it was just calling my name... Also it was on 30% clearance, so frankly, it would have been rude not to!
It may be weird, but I really like wearing it with my spiked bracelet from Claire's, it's a nice mix of edgy and girly, high end and discount. I cannot stop wearing this bracelet! It's just too cute.

Bracelet by Coach.
I only went into the Coach outlet to help my mom pick out a wallet for her purse, but then they handed me a 50% off coupon at the door, that can be used for all the merchandise in the store... Damn them... 
So I fed my current gold bracelet obsession, and bought this pretty spiked bangle.
I also like to wear it with my Claire's and Kate Spade bracelets.

I've never been to Kate Spade, or Coach, outlets or otherwise, and even the outlet prices were kind of a culture shock to say the least! So I don't see these kinds of purchases happening very often, but it was really fun, and I know I'll own these pieces for a long time.

Thanks for reading! To check out other hauls I've posted click here.
-xo Brittany

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