Nicole by O.P.I Blue-berry Sweet On You Swatches & Review

Today I will be sharing yet another textured polish (My weakness!). This polish is from the Nicole by O.P.I Gumdrops collection, which are textured shades with a shimmery, sugary, finish. All of the shades were just adorable, but I was able to resist and buy just one, Blue-berry Sweet on You.

Nicole by O.P.I Blue-berry Sweet on You under lamp.
Blue-berry Sweet on You is a pretty, shimmery, purple toned blue shade full of silver shimmer.
The formula is slightly thick, and the shimmer payoff is awesome. Like all textured shades, it applies very glossy and sparkly, but then dries to a gritty, almost matte finish. This polish does keep it's strong shimmer though, which is very similar to the shimmery finish of the O.P.I Brazil Liquid Sand mini polishes, but the Gumdrops glitter is bolder.
The opacity is fantastic, so I only needed three thin coats, which I applied over the O.P.I Glitter Off Base Coat. I skipped my top coat to keep the textured finish.

Nicole by O.P.I Blue-berry Sweet on You in direct sunlight.
The name gumdrops fits this polish collection perfectly! The silver shimmer, when dry, looks very similar to the sugar crystals you see on the gumdrops candy, and it is too cute.
This is my very first Nicole by O.P.I polish (I have since bought many more based on my love of this one.) and I am very pleased. I like the unique bottle shape, great formulations, the flexible brush, and the cute collections. I am still checking my local drugstore for the Roughles collection, as I am dying to try out the pastel textures!

Nicole by O.P.I polishes retail for around $5 to $8, and can be found at Ulta, online, or at your local drugstore.

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-xo Brittany

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