Nail Polish Haul

I have a few haul posts planned, which I love reading them, and making them, but I am totally not a shopping addict, I swear... I just needed new summer clothes... And nail polish... And shoes... :p
Today's haul was free though! My mother has a growing nail polish collection herself, but never really uses them, so she offered her collection to me, and, obviously, I'm not turning that down! So today I am sharing the new additions to my ever growing nail polish stash.

(L-R) Julep Amy, Morgan, Carrie, Toni, & Julianne.
First up are some Julep polishes. These polishes given to me are my only Julep shades. My mother was a subscriber to their monthly box, so she had quite the selection. I am not a Julep subscriber, but I think their monthly box is cool, and I like the shade selection and interesting bottle shape. Though, I always think it's odd when nail polish companies name polishes after people. I prefer cute puns.

Amy: An aquamarine blue creme.

Morgan: an almost holographic, shimmery deep purple.

Carrie: A bubble gum pink creme.

Toni: A dusty mauve creme.

Julianne: A dusty blue/grey creme.

(L-R) Julep Ingrid, Teresa, Stella, & Maria.
Ingrid: A bold orange creme, that I normally wouldn't go for, but I'm willing to try it.

Teresa: A gorgeous, shimmery, champagne shade. 

Stella: A pale tan/yellow creme that reads way more yellow in photos!

Maria: My favorite shade. A frosty, lavender shimmer.

(L-R) Julep Petra, Michelle, Fiona, & Laura.
Petra: A bold wine colored shade full of wine and silver holo-shimmer.

Michelle: A deep navy blue creme.

Fiona: A bright lime green creme.

Laura: An army green creme.

Annette: Of course I forgot to take a picture of this one! But it is a lovely, pale grey creme, with a velvety finish in the bottle that you can't see. :p

(L-R) Essie Poppy Art Pink, Go Ginza, Pink Works, & Bikini So Teeny.
My mother is a total Essie addict, so I also got a few really cute Essie shades.

Poppy Art Pink: A pale pink creme.

Go Ginza: A soft, lavender creme.

Pink Works: A bubble gum pink shade with holographic pink and purple shimmer that my camera didn't pick up at all.

Bikini So Teeny: Besides the super cute name, this polish is a baby blue shade with frosty silver shimmer, that also did not register on camera.

(L-R) Cocktail Bling, Wicked, & Little Brown Dress.
Cocktail Bling: A bluish grey creme.

Wicked: A brown shade with a wine colored tint to it.

Little Brown Dress: A chocolate brown creme.

Dots by Colorclub Set.
Yes, I worked at Dot's and bought this set for my mom, so maybe I should be offended that she never opened it. :p But that's OK, I'll use it!

(L-R) Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze, Wool Lite, & Plum Luck.
Peachy Breeze: A bold, coral toned pink creme.

Wool Lite: A pale pink textured shade that I borrowed and swatched ages ago! You can check out my swatches here

Plum Luck: A polish with a very fitting name, this is a plum colored creme shade.

(L-R) Sparitual Love is in the Air, Spoiled Plastic Flamingo, NYC Lincoln Square Lavender, & Revlon French Roast.
Love is in the Air: A pale pink creme. I don't own many Sparitual shades, but I am a big fan. The formulas are great, and the bottles are cute and easy to open.

Plastic Flamingo: A hot pink shade with the best name in the bunch.

Lincoln Square Lavender: Not really a lavender shade, more of a dusty rose.

French Roast: Runner up in the cute name department, a dark brown base full of rainbow holographic shimmer not visible in my photo.

(L-R) SinfulColors Pinky Glitter, & Thimbleberry.
I like SinfulColors polishes, they are only $1, and they always have really cute trendy shades.

Pinky Glitter: A pink jelly base full of holographic shimmer and glitter particles.

Thimbleberry: A bright rosy pink creme.

(L-R) Wet N Wild On a Trip, & I Red a Good Book.
On a Trip: A dusty violet creme.

I Red a Good Book: A bold ruby red jelly.

(L-R) Milani Red, & La Vie En Rose.
Red: Such an original name! Red is a clear gel base full of large, metallic, ruby red hex glitters.

La Vie En Rose: A pretty rose colored creme.

Thanks for reading! And thanks to my mom for feeding my nail polish addiction! Maybe I'll actually get a few of these swatched. If you see a polish that you would like to see swatches of, let me know in the comments.
-xo Brittany

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