Skoshbox Unboxing: May 2014

It's that time again, time to share what I received in my most recent Skoshbox!
So, let's talk about candy, shall we?

Skoshbox May 2014.
This month's box wasn't as exciting as it usually is, sorry Skoshbox! Though I was excited to see the Oreo cookie, because I love tasting the unique flavors japan has of candy you could get easily here in the states. This Oreo is raspberry, which I have never seen here!

Roanne Vanilla Wafers: Baked vanilla wafers (Yellow wrapper).
These were pretty good! They tasted like a waffle cone full of white frosting. The frosting is just like the frosting you get in Oreo cookies, but a tad sweeter.

Bubblegum: Cola flavor. (The red and blue box).
No. Just no. I can't really drink normal liquid cola, so cola in gum form was just too much for me. Though it is freaky just how much it tastes like soda!

Dried Ume: Dried whole pickled plum.
Why is this a thing! Ew. I couldn't handle it. Way too salty, and just unpleasant. I really hope I never see this in my box ever again...

Tamago Boro Cookies: Ball-shaped potato/egg cookies.
It is the adorable wrapper with the elephant jamming out on his little accordion.
Sadly the wrapper was more pleasant than what was inside! I know they were going for a potato/egg flavor, but it just tasted like I ate a ball of chalk. It didn't really have a flavor, but the aftertaste was really gross!

Fried Senbei: Flash fried crispy rice cracker (x2)
A lovely palate cleanser after the Tamago Boro! I love senbei, and Skoshbox has me totally hooked on it. This senbei tastes like a slightly burnt wonton, but in a good way. So good.

Bourbon Lumonde Cookies: Flaky chocolate cookie stick (The purple wrapper).
I think this is one of my favorites from this month's box. Even though I did get it in a crushed up mess.
The wafer is also similar to a waffle ice cream cone, but covered in a light, creamy, chocolate coating. I wish it wasn't broken, so it would be easier to eat, but I really like it.

Mizore Dama: Hard Candy in lemon, orange, lemon, grape, strawberry, or cider flavor.
I wish I could have tried the cider flavor the card listed! I am not a fan of grape flavor, so this just tasted like sugar coated grape cough syrup...bleh.

Oreo Raspberry: Oreo stick in raspberry flavor.
It's pink! It's coated in pink frosting, then topped with a pink drizzle of frosting. It is almost too cute to eat. But not really... I really don't like raspberry, but even I have to admit it is really yummy and fruity. I don't think I could eat this kind of Oreo all the time, it's a bit too sweet, but I like it.

Yocchan Cut Squid: Pieces of pickled cut squid.
I was not brave enough to try this... So I made my brother try it!
He said it smelled like feet... Ew. And tasted like abnormally salty fish. Double ew.

Overall: This box wasn't that great, last month's box was way better. Here's hoping for June!

Thanks for reading! To check out what I received in my April Skoshbox click here.
-xo Brittany

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