O.P.I Brazil Liquid Sand Mini Collection Swatches & Review

I know this collection has been out for a while, but if you are a regular reader of my little blog, then you know I love me some textured nail polish! So I really wanted to share some swatches and my opinions, so bear with me.

O.P.I Brazil Liquid Sand Mini Collection.
(L - R) Samba-dy Loves Purple, What's a Little Rain Forest?, I'm Brazil Nuts Over You, & You're So Flippy Floppy.
This mini four piece set is from O.P.Is Brazil Collection, consisting of full size and mini polishes in bright, tropical colors for spring/summer 2014. All four polishes in this set are also textured, liquid sand shades, and I believe you can only buy them in this small collection. Which is a little disappointing, because they are just awesome, and I would've loved to own full sized versions of all four.

What's a Little Rain Forest? and Samba-dy Loves Purple under lamp.
What's a Little Rain Forest? is a beautiful aqua blue gel-like formula, full of bright blue micro shimmer.
It is a tad on the sheer side, so I used three coats to get complete coverage.

Samba-dy Loves Purple, a deep orchid shade, with the same gel-like formula, and gorgeous gold and purple micro shimmer. I could have got away with only two coats, given the nice, thick formula, but a hint of my free-edge was visible, so I went with three.

What's a Little Rain Forest and Samba-dy Loves Purple in natural light.
I'm Brazil Nuts Over You and You're So Flippy Floppy under lamp.
I'm Brazil Nuts Over You is a bold, purple based red gel-like formula, with purple and gold micro shimmer. Reds usually give me coverage issues, so color me surprised when this polish showed itself to be a two coater!

You're So Flippy Floppy is an insane, bright, sunny yellow gel-like formula, full of gold and yellow micro shimmer. This shade was the sheerest of the bunch, which is not surprising with most yellow polish shades, but I reached opacity with four medium coats.

I'm Brazil Nuts Over You and You're So Flippy Floppy in natural light.
I applied all four shades over a base of my O.P.I Glitter Off Base Coat to save myself a headache down the line, -I love texture, I just hate removing it!- and skipped my top coat to show off the sandy texture in all it's glory.
Like most textured polishes, these apply smooth and glossy, and slowly dry to a matte, gritty finish. Though these shades still keep their gorgeous micro shimmer intact.

Overall, I love this collection. Their formulas are the best I've ever used with a textured polish, and the colors are just beautiful. I also think the complementary micro shimmer in each shade is a nice touch.

My favorite polish out of the bunch would have to be What's a Little Rain Forest?, I seriously could not stop staring at it on my nails, even in natural light. Though these shades are at their best in direct sunlight, that's when the bright micro shimmer really comes alive against the sandy, matte texture.

The O.P.I Brazil Liquid Sand Mini Collection retails for around $10, and the 12 full size creme shades from the complete Brazil collection retail for around $9 each. You can find all the polishes online, or at your local Ulta or Sally beauty supply.

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-xo Brittany

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