A Month in Manis: April 2014

Hello again! Hope you're all having a nice Sunday. Today I will be sharing my monthly manicure round up for April 2014. So, let's get started!

O.P.I Push and Shove.
My first manicure for April was with O.P.I Push and Shove, a metallic silver chrome shade that creates an almost mirrored finish on the nails. This polish is part of a collection O.P.I made with Gwen Stefani.
I started with one coat of Lay Down That Base, a specialty base coat made especially for Push and Shove, then two thin coats of Push and Shove itself. I skipped the top coat to preserve the chrome finish.
(From O.P.I Push and Shove Swatches & Review)

Black heart nail art.
My first nail design for April was inspired by the look of Push and Shove. I created this little nail art look using a base of Push and Shove, then I used NailzCraze stamping plate NC01 and NYC Black Lace Creme to create the line of hearts. Again, to preserve the chrome finish, I skipped the top coat.
(From Black Heart Nail Art with O.P.I Push and Shove)

Paper to Polish #1
The first nail design in my new Paper to Polish nail art series. I made it using striping tape, SinfulColors Snow Me White, Sally Hansen Pat on the Black and Essie Matte About You Top Coat.
(From Paper to Polish #1)

Rimmel London Britpop.
This super bright mani was made using three coats of Rimmel London Britpop, a bright, slightly glossy blue creme shade from Rimmel's new polish line with model Kate Moss. I finished this mani off with one coat of my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.
(From Rimmel by Kate Moss Britpop and New Romantic Swatches & Review)

Rimmel London New Romantic.
Also from Rimmel's line with Kate Moss, New Romantic is a thin, crelly like, pale pink with a hint of silver shimmer. I applied five medium coats, followed by my Essie top coat.
(From Rimmel by Kate Moss Britpop and New Romantic Swatches & Review)

Cut out nail art.
Inspired by the cute, punky style of Britpop, I made some cutout nail art using it, some hole enforcers, Sally Hansen's new I Heart Nail Art Studs Kit, and two coats of my Essie top coat to hold the studs to my nails.
(From Cutout Nail Art with Rimmel London Britpop)

Half moon nail art.
For my final nail design for April, I broke out my O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Mini Collection, which was gathering dust, to create some half moon nail art. I made it freehand with a thin detail nail art brush and all four polish shades, then finished it off with my Essie top coat.
(From Half Moon Nail Art with O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Mini Collection)

Instagram mani.
I can't forget about instagram! I only posted one extra mani to Instagram (*cough Link on the right...*cough*) which was made with Color Club Nomadic in Nude and Essie Matte About You Top Coat.
From Instagram:


Thanks for reading! To check out my manicure round up for March 2014 click here.
-xo Brittany

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