Skoshbox Unboxing: April 2014

Happy Easter! I hope you're all having a nice holiday, full of food and family... And chocolate, lots of chocolate. This holiday is proving to be very hard for myself and my family after some painful events, but we're still going to be together, though it will be with takeout and a movie. Not the conventional Easter, but it works for us this year.

In the spirit of all the yummy food this holiday is known for, today I will be sharing what I got in my latest Skoshbox! This month's box proved to be very sweet heavy, which I had no problem with! Skoshbox must also be dealing with a pretty serious strawberry addiction, because this is the second box to arrive that is full of strawberry flavored treats, but again, I have no complaints! I normally don't gravitate towards the flavor of strawberry, - Unless it is a milkshake. Yum. - but strawberry candy in Japan is a lot less artificial tasting than in the states, so it is quite enjoyable!
OK, enough babbling, let's talk candy!

Skoshbox for April 2014

I was again a little bit disappointed to discover that the Japanese stationary gift that used to be in every box was missing again, but it was replaced with a matcha KitKat, - I just can't... It is just beyond good. There are no words! :p - so I really can't create too much of a fuss.

Obachan's Pota Pota Yaki: Grandma's sweet shoyu baked senbei.
(The biscuits.) I really love the odd salad dressing-like flavor of senbei, it is so weird and good at the same time, and these senbei biscuits were no exception. They were a tad sweeter than regular senbei, like if you added a pinch of sugar.
Aero Strawberry: Whipped strawberry chocolate.
The start of the strawberry explosion! The chocolate was very similar to those Krackle mini candy bars you would get at Halloween as a kid, -Anyone? Anyone? I would get them all the time! And trade them for something more interesting, like Nerds, or Mr.Good Bars. - but with a yummy whipped strawberry surprise in the middle! It. Was. So. Good.
Milk Country Candy: Creamy milky hard candy.
The wrapper is just so cute with the little cows! But sadly the wrapper was the most interesting part, as the candy itself just tasted bland, with the slightest hint of milk.

Strawberry Pocky: Strawberry cream dipped pocky sticks.
I can see why Skoshbox labeled these as a Top Requested Item! They are basically thin crunchy bread sticks dipped into strawberry cream. I don't think I can ever eat a plain bread stick again after this, I'm ruined! I ate the whole bag in way too short an amount of time... Just. Yum.
Elise Wafer Sticks: Strawberry.
Again, strawberry heaven! These are crumbly wafers filled with strawberry cream, very good, and another item I ate embarrassingly fast...

Mentaiko Umaibo Stick: Puffed corn snack in Mentaiko (Cod roe) flavor.
(The weird wrapper with the rabbit and old man...) I was too scared of this to try it! So I did the next best thing, and made my brother try it. :p He liked it of course, and said it was on the spicy side.
Aero Green Tea: Whipped green tea chocolate.
Just like the strawberry version, only it is full of yummy whipped green tea. I really wish we had this variety of chocolate in the states!
Cheese Okaki Crackers: Senbei (Rice cracker) with cheese topping.
Not every snack can be a gem. this one had an interesting spicy cracker, but it wasn't that great.

Harvest Baked Biscuit: Chocolate.
These were very good. They have an almost Dutch chocolate bitterness that I just love, and the crystallized sugar on top was a nice touch.
Matcha KitKat: Green tea KitKat.
And saving the best for last, the matcha KitKat! Not to fall into Valley girl territory here, but, O.M.G. I am a total matcha addict now, and it is all thanks to Skoshbox! :p

Thanks for reading! To see what kind of snacks and treats I received in my February & March 2014 Skoshboxes click here.
-xo Brittany

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