Physicians Formula Touch of Glow Nude Wear Concealer Review

Hello all! Today I will be sharing a product that not only gets my award for the longest name ever, it also get the award for cutest packaging ever! And yes, I was guilty of purchasing this concealer 95% for the packaging, and 5% for the actual makeup itself... I know that's wrong! But it has a bow on it! A bow! I can't resist bows, I just can't, they're too cute.

Physicians Formula Touch of Glow Nude Wear Concealer is a concealer, highlighter, and touch-up tool hybrid that comes in a lip gloss-like tube with a pink textured grip, rose gold detailing, and an adorable bow on the cap. I am a complete sucker for anything either rose gold, or with bows, so this purchase was no surprise. Luckily, the product itself turned out to be just as amazing as the packaging.

An unusual thing about this concealer is that it comes with a flow-through brush similar to some lip glosses. You turn the bottom of the tube to fill the bristles with product. Now, the box claims it takes 5-10 turns to release the concealer on the first application, but it took a lot more. To the point that I thought it was broken and I was going to have to return it! Which I was upset about because this was the last one! But after what felt like 50 turns it finally started working.
The only issue I have with the brush applicator is that it is very hard to limit how much product you get. I end up with far more than I want frequently, no matter how carefully I turn it. This creates the issue of waste, so I feel like I am going to use this concealer up faster than I normally would.

Unblended swatch.
Blended swatch.
OK, I have a confession. I knew this shade looked a bit dark for my super ghostly pale skin. But, I really wanted to try it, and my local drugstore restocks about once a year, so I knew this was the only chance I had to get it unless I went online, and then it would take even longer... I am too impatient for that, so I took my chances. I bought shade Nude Glow #6264, and while my swatch looks dark and a bit on the yellow side, it actually works! Yay! I was so beyond happy.
I will say though, that the yellow cast did concern me. I was worried it was going to look odd with my skin tone, but it blends really well, and the yellow tint works well at combating the dreaded purple cast from my under eye circles.

All in all, I really like this concealer. I apply it to my under eye circles, and any blemishes daily. And since it is a highlighter as well, I also use it to highlight my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and on lazy days when I don't feel like wearing eye shadow, I use it to highlight under my brow bones. It is great for those quick makeup days, and I plan on repurchasing it once it is gone. Maybe I'll even get it in my actual shade as well!

Physicians Formula Touch of Glow Nude Wear Concealer is part of the new Nude Wear line by Physicians formula, which also includes a powder, bronzer, and blush. -Which if they also have a bow and rose gold detailing you can bet I will be trying them out as well!- It retails for around $10 -$12, and can be found online, at Ulta, or at your local drugstore.

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-xo Brittany

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