My Top 5 Easter Nail Polishes

I've noticed that I never really mention Holidays on my blog. I am not a Holiday scrooge, I swear! I just always have a backlog of posts and don't have time to post something festive in time, and I think it just doesn't look right posting a festive Christmas post in January... But I really want to work harder at making Holiday themed blog posts, because hard as it is to tell, I do enjoy the Holidays... Well, I enjoy the food most of all, but the decorations and such are nice too!
Sadly, I dropped the ball yet again, and won't have time to create any Easter themed nail art, sorry! But, I still wanted to post Something, as I like Easter, it is a very cute Holiday that includes one of my favorite color palettes, pastels!
So I have decided to go through my large collection of polishes -Which if you've seen my list, you know this took a bit of time!- to bring you my top 5 Easter-y nail polishes. The polishes I picked are mostly drugstore polishes -The Avon polish isn't, but you could easily find a dupe.- so you can go out and pick one up for a cute festive manicure just in time for Easter!

My top 5 Easter nail polishes.

First up is Revlon Parfumerie Lavender Soap. A soft pastel lavender creme with a hint of silver shimmer. This polish also has a lovely lavender scent! I love the pale purple shade, and think it is a nice neutral Easter color.

Next is Sinful Colors Unicorn, which besides having an adorable name, is a cute, buttery yellow creme polish. Again, I think this is a nice neutral color for Easter. Colorful, but not too crazy.

A slightly bolder choice, I picked Avon Nailwear Pro + Sea Breeze. A dusty teal shade, that looks a tad dark in photos, but is very light and bright in real life.

For a bolder splash of color, I picked Nicole by O.P.I Sweet Daisy. A newbie to my collection, Sweet Daisy is a dusty salmon/coral creme from the Carrie Underwood Collection. As I said, I just bought this shade, and I think it is just too cute. It is my first coral polish, so it was nice to add it to my stash.

And finally, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Grass Slippers. Need I say more?
This is my favorite green polish, and the best bright green shade I have ever seen. I just love it. As you can see I have had it for some time, as it has seen better days. It is sadly almost empty, but this is one polish I will be replacing right away, it is a staple in my polish collection.
I feel like this would be a cute, bold manicure for an Easter party or brunch, It's just so super bright and colorful.

Swatches, (L-R) Lavender Soap, Sweet Daisy, Unicorn, Sea Breeze, & Grass Slippers.
Above are some swatches of my top 5 polishes. Each one took about two to three coats to cover, and I skipped my top coat.

While some of these polishes are oldies but goodies, you should still be able to find them, or similar ones, at your local drugstore -Besides the Avon polish.-, if you would like to try one out for your Easter mani.

Thanks for reading!
-xo Brittany

What polish will you be wearing for Easter? Let me know in the comments!
I think I will be wearing Sally Hansen Grass Slippers this year.

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