March 2014 Favorites

It's time to list my favorite things for March 2014!
It feels like I just did February's favorites post. This year seems like it's already flying by.
Of course, like always, most of my list consists of nail polish, but if you are a regular reader you can't be surprised. :p

My first favorites for this month are, you guessed it, two drugstore polish finds I have been looking for for a while. My local drugstore barely ever restocks, let alone gets in the newest polish collections. But I happened to go to one of those new huge CVS stores, which has the biggest selection ever! So I took the chance and picked up two new polishes by Revlon and L'Oreal. First I bought Leather Skinnies from Revlon's new leather textured polish line. The line is actually leather and tweed textured, but the tweed it just matte bar glitter, and it was too similar to the furry polish trend for me to give it a try. I love the grey color, and from swatches I've seen the texture is awesome. I was thrilled to get my hands on it, hence it being in my favorites list this month!
The second polish is Pop the Bubbles, which is from L'Oreal's liquid sand line of polishes. My local drugstore had the display for this line, but of course, did not restock so the polishes were all but gone, so this was another polish I was so excited to buy.
Sadly I have not got to swatch either yet, they are currently in my ever-growing to swatch stock pile!

Next up for my March favorites is, yet again, more nail polish!
I love Tiffany's signature blue. Maybe I love Breakfast at Tiffany's far too much, or I am just a cliche of a girl, but I love that shade of blue. I have never seen a polish in that exact color until I stumbled upon this polish by Fingerpaints. This polish is called Tiffany Impostor, which is quite the fitting name. It looks more teal in photos, but this is a beautiful shade of light blue, and I cannot wait to try it.
The second polish is called Sally Girl Chocolate Chip, and I had to include it in my favorites list just because of the cute mini size, and the adorable cookies and cream formula. I got trapped hook, line, and sinker, at the cash out stand with this one. It's part of a whole "Ice cream shoppe" line of minis, and if the stand wasn't already almost gone, I probably would have walked out with the whole collection!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am blind. OK, that may seem dramatic, but I do have really bad eyesight. It's never a good sign when you're at the optometrist , and he says "How did you do anything?!". As well as my poor vision, I also am a total butterfingers, so having only one pair of glasses was a bit worrying. You remember in the old ScoobyDoo cartoon when Velma would always lose and break her glasses at the worst possible moments? Yeah, I knew one day that would be me, minus the ugly orange sweater.
So I finally invested in some new glasses! I also bought some prescription sunglasses too. They're by RayBan, and are so cute!

I have a full review of a collection of Aqua Spa products given to me by my wonderful mother, but I have been using this body creme every night and I love it. I already have a thicker body cream, but I have been using this as a hand cream at night. It has a lovely smell, and I have already seen an improvement in the look and feel of my skin. The scent isn't very strong, so I don't get the point of saying it's relaxing, but I actually prefer the softer smell, sometimes products can be way too overpowering in the scent department.

I never thought I would be one of those bloggers who was obsessed with candles. But then my grocery store started selling this Vanilla Caramel Swirl candle! I am a coffee addict, I freely admit it. And this candle smells exactly like a caramel latte, so the choice was obvious! Plus the candles so big, I've had it for the whole of March, and it's still not even half way gone. Even though I light it everyday! I think I am slowly becoming a candle addict...

Another candle! This one is called Vanilla Cupcake, and it is the most delicious smelling thing ever. I also like that it makes people think when they walk into my house that I have been baking away, when in actuality, I have been sitting on my bed, watching a marathon of Criminal Minds, and drinking far too much coffee.

No, Rihanna is not on my favorites list. (I like some of her music, but not that much.) What is on my list is my new Vogue subscription! I had one years ago, but let it lapse. But I recently got a deal on Amazon for a year of Vogue for only $5, so I decided to renew it. It also inspired a new blog series I plan on starting soon, so keep a look out!

Thanks for reading! To check out what made my favorites list in February 2014 click here.
-xo Brittany

What were some of your favorite things in March 2014? Let me know in the comments!

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