Half Moon Nail Art With O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Mini Collection

Today I wanted to share a little nail art I made using O.P.I's Oz the Great and Powerful Mini Collection. I know this collection is older, and if you read part 1 and part 2 of my swatch and review of this collection, then you know I was not that thrilled with the formulas, or the color palette. But, I was re-organizing my polish collection -Yes, that is how I spend my Saturday nights... Party over here! - and I glanced at this little group and thought that even though I knew they would be a pain to work with, these polishes would look cute together in some nail art. I stuck to a simple look for my own sanity, and decided on a half moon manicure using all four mini shades.

To start off, I switched off between Don't Burst My Bubble and Glints of Glinda for my base. Then on most of my nails, I used a thin detail nail art brush and free-handed my half moons using What Wizardry is this?. I was going to use some hole enforcers, but they always end up pulling up my base polish, so I just went for it and free-hand painted them in after my base polishes had dried fully. I actually think they came out pretty well, and am probably going to skip the hole enforcers more often.
To add some interest, I then used the same nail art brush, and framed most of my nails with I Theodora You. For my ring finger and thumb, I just inverted the design, and used I Theodora You for my half moon, and What Wizardry is This? for my frames. Once I let the design dry for a bit, I finished it off with a coat of my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

I warn you, I went a little picture crazy, and decided to take a picture of this design with all four of the little nail polishes. I usually hate taking pictures with those tiny bottles, but I managed to do some sort of hand yoga, and made them look pretty cute, so I had to share! Though I will admit my hand did start to cramp, and I guess my future self can thank my present self for the arthritis I am going to have!

While this design is really simple, I like it. The polishes were a pain to work with, but it was worth it, and at least these four polishes got a little more use, since they have been tucked away in one of my nail polish containers ever since their swatch and review.

Thanks for reading! If you would like to see more swatches of this mini collection you can view part 1 of my swatch and review here, and part 2 here. To check out other nail designs I've done click here.
-xo Brittany

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