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On a little side note, I noticed on my last post my pictures are not visible on Bloglovin's mobile app, only on their website. My post appears fine, only the pictures are missing! I emailed Bloglovin, but they really couldn't help me. I don't know if this post will have the same problem, but if you read my blog on Bloglovin's app, I am so sorry if my pictures are not visible. All you have to do is click "View original post" at the bottom of the post to see them, and I hope it starts working again soon.

Anyway, I am branching out today! I know I normally only post nail or beauty posts, but lately I've been redecorating my apartment and thought it would be fun to share my progress with you! I've already made a decor haul post, which you can find here. But today I wanted to share my brand new paint, as well as some new decor updates around my apartment. So let's get started!

Firstly, I must talk about this lamp! As some of you may know, I am just obsessed with owls. I actually found this at Walmart, surprisingly enough. I went there to buy a small bookshelf for my bedroom, and stumbled upon this little lamp for only $15! It doesn't come with a lamp shade, but Walmart sells them for $4 a piece, so I picked this cute Live, Laugh, Love shade in an interesting burlap-like fabric. I keep this lamp in my living room on my antique side table, and I just love it. I plan on going back and buying a second one for my little fireplace in the living room to tie the room together a bit more.

And because you can't have enough owl knickknacks in one room, I also moved my favorite pewter owl bookends into the living room to showcase my Jane Austen book collection.

I keep my books on this little shelf, which is actually a TV stand, but I don't really need a TV in my living room, so I use it to house some of my books. As you can see there is even more on the lower shelf, because you can never have too many books! This is not my whole collection, I have a small fireplace in my kitchen that I decided to fill it with stacks of books -I got the idea from Pinterest! -. I'll have to take a picture of it soon.

My kitchen needed some owl love too! I found this cute owl pitcher at Burlington Coat Factory while I was shopping for a baby shower. It was only $10! How could I resist! I have some flowers in it now, and it looks so adorable.

I apologize for this picture quality, but I just wanted to show this lamp set I bought for my kitchen's fireplace. I also found them at Walmart for $30. The other one is on the opposite side, and I love the look of them against the black fireplace. They also warm the room up when they're on, because I just hate overhead lighting, it's too cold and unflattering.

Now for my new paint! You've seen glimpses of it in the previous pictures, but here's the kitchen. The paint is actually a bit warmer in real life but it was hard to capture in pictures. Anyway, this is Skinny Latte from Benjamin Moore. And yes, the name was the first thing to catch my eye. But I swear, I bought it for the color too! My apartment is very old, so there is a lot of antique dark wood everywhere, so I didn't want too dark of a color, or else the room could turn gloomy very quickly. But this warm taupe was just perfect. I love it so much I just painted my pantry with it yesterday!

Next is the living room. This paint is called Clamshell, and is also from Benjamin Moore. My painter -Who is also my aunts husband, and an amazing painter!- will only use Benjamin Moore paint for some reason, but I don't mind, it is really good paint. This color was also really hard to photograph, but it is a soft pale green. I was originally going to go with another taupe color, but with all the super dark wood in the living room, every taupe just looked far too dark. This color looks so nice! Plus it looks gorgeous next to the dark wood.
Don't mind the weird mix of knickknacks on the fireplace, I am still finding a home for those pieces!

And because my pantry doesn't get any love really, here is a picture of the shelf above my sink. I have become a collector of teapots and anything blue and white, so some of it has migrated to this shelf, as well as some other white kitchen items. The cow is actually for creamer, and is just beyond cute, it is my mother's but she let me keep it. Again sorry about the picture quality, that day the lighting was not my friend!

Thanks for reading! To read other Decor posts I've done click here.
-xo Brittany

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