Cutout Nail Art With Rimmel London Britpop

Hello! I feel like I haven't blogged in a month, and its only been three days! My blogging schedule got a bit scrambled, as I have been training at my new job! I love it there, but have a lot to learn, so I have been a little busy the last few days. But I re-organized my schedule, and am back and ready to share some nail art!

The cutout trend is still very popular in the fashion world, and has reached the nail art world as well. I haven't tried this design before, -Mostly because all of my nail polish changing has led to some yellowing of my nails that I hate! - so I figured it was about time to hop on the bandwagon and give it a try.
I also used it as a chance to try my new nail art studs kit from Sally Hansen, -Which was yet another total impulse buy at my local drugstore! They get me every time!- to give it a little edge.

For this design, I started by gently buffing my nails to get rid of any discoloration from frequent polish changes. Then I marked off the half moon shape using some hole enforcers, and applied two coats of Rimmel London Britpop, then quickly removed the enforcers.
To give the design some interest, I broke out my new Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Studs Kit. I used the included pick up tool to dip the gold studs into a puddle of my top coat, then applied the studs to my nails in different patterns. I finished the design off with one generous coat of my Essie Super Duper Top Coat to hold the studs onto my nails.

Even though Sally Hansen used my name :p, I will let it go because this studs kit is really cute.
It comes with three plastic containers with three different colors of studs, as well as a plastic pick up tool.
I was not that thrilled with the look of the pick up tool on the box, I figured it was going to be nothing more than a glorified toothpick. But it works really well! The bottom is angled, and slightly waxy, so it picked up the studs nicely, though they do sometimes get stuck to it when they have top coat on them. But I still like it, and have been using it with my other nail art accessories as well.
Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Studs Kit.

I really like how this nail art came out. I think it fits with the vibe of Britpop, kind of cute and edgy.
I also liked working with the stud kit as well. The studs are well made, they stuck to my nails well, and I
didn't have any fall out at all! They also didn't discolor at all the whole week I wore this look.
I would recommend this cute kit to anyone looking to add some more nail art accessories to their stash.
Sally Hansen also has other accessories in this line, including loose glitter, caviar beads, and fringe pieces! So I will have to give those a try soon.

The Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Studs Kit retails for around $10 and can be found online, or at your local drugstore.

Thanks for reading! To check out my previous nail designs click here. Or if you would like to learn more about Rimmel London Britpop, you can find my review and some more swatches here.
-xo Brittany

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  1. Love this!!! Cobalt blue colour is gorgeous :)
    Ava xox


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