Black Heart Nail Art with O.P.I Push and Shove

Happy Friday everyone! Being unemployed right now, everyday seems to be blending together into a big blob of boredom, but even I like the feeling of Fridays... Hopefully you all have fun plans, I am currently doing laundry, because I'm awesome like that. :p
Today I wanted to share a little nail art I made using O.P.I Push and Shove chrome nail lacquer. Nothing major, but I really liked the chrome effect of Push and Shove, and thought it would make a nice backdrop for some stamping. So let's discuss it shall we!

To create this design, I started with one thin coat of Push and Shove's partner in crime, Lay Down That Base, a special base coat made especially for it. I then applied two thin coats of Push and Shove and let them dry completely. I normally apply a top coat before stamping, but you can't with this polish, so I made do. I used NailzCraze stamping plate NC01 and NYC Black Lace Creme to create my line of hearts. Because of the odd finish of Push and Shove, and having no top coat, the stamps had a hard time adhering, so I had to go over them a bit with Black Lace Creme and a fine detail nail art brush. So as not to alter the chrome finish I skipped my top coat altogether, which felt really odd to do!

I think this design came out pretty cute. The black hearts mixed with the chrome give it a slight gothic feel, which takes me back to my teenage years. -Yes, I was one of those goth kids! -  I know it is quite simple, but given that Push and Shove barely lasts a day, It seemed pointless to go all out on a design. I wish I could have used my top coat to smooth out my hearts, but I didn't want to chance ruining the chrome finish. But besides that it was fun to do, and I had been dying to use the mini hearts stamp from NailzCraze, and this was a perfect excuse.

Thanks for reading! For more information about O.P.I Push and Shove why not check out my review of it here. And to check out other designs I've done click here.
-xo Brittany

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