Aqua Spa Bath Products Review

My mother recently received a four piece Aqua Spa collection in the mail -She is a giveaway addict!- and gave them to me! So, seeing as I have never used Aqua Spa, or even heard of them before this, I thought I would give you my first reactions to the products.

Aqua Spa bath soak.
First I got to try this eucalyptus and mint bath soak. All the products state that they contain marine youth complex. What this is, I cannot tell you, but I like the ocean, and I like looking young, so it sounds good to me! :p
I love baths, I am a girl after all. But my bathtub takes way too long to fill, so I usually stick to showers. But I took the opportunity to have one while I tested out this product.
They give no instructions on how much to use, so I dumped a good amount into the tub. I was expecting a strong mint scent, especially given how much I poured into the water, but I really only got a faint scent of mint and a scent almost like menthol. So it was like a mix between toothpaste and cough drops... The scent faded very quickly though, so the granules were the only sign that I even used it. Very disappointing. Though the menthol scent does clear the sinuses! Luckily the granules were easy to clean out of the tub, so that was it's only redeeming quality.

Aqua Spa bath oil.
Another product I tried was this purple bath oil, which also turns your bathwater into a lovely lavender color! This was a complete improvement over the bath soak. The lavender and chamomile scent was lovely and lasted much longer than the mint and eucalyptus of the bath soak. Though it did fade faster than I expected it to. Not only did it make my water purple, it also created a nice amount of bubbles, which was surprising.
I noticed that my skin felt really soft and nice after I used it. So much so that I could have even skipped my moisturizer! I also accidentally got some into my hair, and while at first I was really concerned, my hair felt so soft! I love this product, and I plan on using it as often as possible.

Aqua Spa body cleanser.
 Next I have been using this body cleanser with citrus and ginger. Another product that promises a nice scent but doesn't really deliver. I do get a slight citrus scent at first, but it fades rather quickly. I usually only use body wash, so I have never used a body cleanser before, so I didn't know what to expect. It was very similar to a body wash, it just didn't lather very much. I love lots of lather, so that was hard to get used to, I think I used twice the needed amount of product, just to get some bubbles! My skin did feel very clean, and I do like the pump dispenser and the bright orange bottle, so I plan on using this until it's gone.

Aqua Spa body creme.
I mentioned this product already in my March favorites post earlier this week, but this is a lavender and chamomile body creme. I already have a body lotion by Nivea that I simply can't live without, so I decided to use this as a nightly hand creme. Plus the cute purple bottle looks nice on my nightstand, so that doesn't hurt. Like the other products, the scent it very faint. But with the creme I actually prefer it that way, I hate obnoxiously scented body creams. This one has a very soft floral scent, and I have noticed an improvement in the feel and look of my hands and cuticles when I use this with my Burt's Bees cuticle cream.

Overall, while most of the scents leave much to be desired, the products themselves were very nice, and of a nice quality -Except for the bath soak.-, and I would recommend giving them a shot if you want to try something new in your skincare routine. I would highly recommend the bath oil and body creme, they were my favorites of the bunch.

I don't know if these products are sold in stores, but I did find the bath soak and bath oil on Amazon for $10 each.

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-xo Brittany

Have you tried any of these Aqua Spa products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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