Zoya Liberty Swatch & Review

I'm back again with more Zoya gorgeousness to share!
I went on one of my wallet-killing adventures to Ulta, hoping to get my hands on Zoya Dream. Sadly they didn't have it, but I did stumble upon this polish called Liberty, which is similar to Dream, just a lighter shade of blue, and this polish is part of the PixiDust line, so it has a textured finish.

Zoya Liberty.
Liberty is a vibrant gel-like blue base, with blue and silver holo-shimmer. It has a lovely, workable formula, and like most textured polishes, applies smooth and glossy, but dries to a gritty, matte finish.
This polish has amazing coverage, as well as glitter density. I reached full opacity after only two thin coats, but applied three to create a bolder finish.

Zoya Liberty under lamp.

I applied my three coats of Liberty over bare nails, with no top coat to preserve the textured finish. Though, learn from my mistake and apply a base coat! This vibrant blue leaves some equally vibrant yellow stains behind! But it's nothing a little buffing won't cure.

I also swatched Liberty with a coat of my Essie Super Duper Top Coat, just for curiosity's sake, and because, like me, I know some of you prefer sealing your manicures with a top coat.

Zoya Liberty with top coat under lamp.

Zoya Liberty with top coat in direct sunlight.
Not much of a difference with only one coat of my top coat. In fact the polish seemed to drink my top coat right up! I've heard of that happening with textured polishes, but have never seen it happen until this polish.
I can see a bit of a difference though, the glitter looks slightly darker, and the shimmer was bolder and brighter. I would suggest if you want to top coat Liberty, to go for two or three coats, this polish is thirsty!

Like always, the PixiDust line doesn't disappoint me at all. The shade is just beautiful, I even received a few compliments on it.
I just love the mix of texture and glitter, it is such a nice combination, and lovely to look at. It shimmers in any light, but especially in direct sunlight, where it practically gleams.
The bright blue color even inspired me to use it as a base for a recent Galaxy design I did, which you can find here.

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-xo Brittany

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