Skoshbox Unboxing: February & March 2014

Same candy, different name!
I haven't done a Skoshbox review (Or as I'm calling it now, Unboxing.) in a long time! I even skipped January. Which was a tough month I can tell you, so I was way more interested in eating the candy than taking pictures of it. But I love talking about the interesting Japanese candy sent to me every month, so I thought I would share my February, and March boxes with you today.

February 2014 Skoshbox.

I love Skoshboxes new print on their item cards, it's very cute. And I appreciate that they give clues to what some of the products are now by telling you the color of the wrapper. As a person who doesn't speak, or read, Japanese, sometimes it was very hard to tell some candies apart!

First up is my February box, this one sadly wasn't the most interesting box in the world, I preferred March, but it wasn't bad.

Vanilla Roll Cake: Vanilla roll cake with butter cream filling.
Not bad, pretty much tasted like any type of Hostess cake, just with a slightly richer filling.
Milk Mint Candy: Cool mint between milky candies.
This one was weird, yet pretty good. Tasted like if you ate a handful of TicTacs, then drank a glass of milk.

Takenoko/Kinokono Yama: Biscuits covered in strawberry.
(It's the pink and green bag.) Strawberry seems to be a favorite flavor with Skoshbox, and I have no issue! These biscuits were beyond delicious, and I wish I had a hundred more!
Strawberry Senbei: Crispy rice cracker with creamy strawberry drizzle.
Yet more strawberry! I love the salad dressing like flavor of senbei, though it is a tad unusual mixed with the sweetness of strawberry. But weirdly I still liked it.

Senbei Mix: A Pub mix of nuts, senbei, dried fish, and shrimp crackers.
This was the one food I was absolutely terrified of! Based on the image on the package I was expecting whole dead fish mixed in with the nuts and crackers. Luckily, my bag must have been overlooked for there was no dried fish to be seen. It tasted like any trail mix from the states, just a bit more spicy.

Fruit Candies: Apple, peach, grapefruit, orange, and grape flavors.
(The two silver wrappers.) I got orange and apple, and while they are like any fruit candy you can get here, I will say they are a lot less artificial tasting than our candies.
Ume Cha: A stick of Ume (pickled plum) tea.
I hate tea, and the idea of pickled plum tea sounds even worse, so I gave it to my mother. I don't think she's tried it yet. Even though she is an avid tea drinker, I think pickled plum is not a flavor she is particularly keen on.
Aero Chocolate: A Japanese version of the bubbly chocolate from the UK.
It was good, like all chocolate bars are! It tasted like those little mini chocolate bars with the rice in them.
Konbu Ume Jelly: Konbu (kelp) and ume flavored jelly.
I am not really a fan of the jelly cubed candy that comes in almost every box now, so I usually give it to my brother. He said it was good, but really chewy.

March 2014 Skoshbox.

March was a major improvement to February, and I was happy to see the extra "Japanese stationary gift" back again.

Japanese Hiragana Chart: Practice your Japanese writing with this Hiragana chart.
I have no clue how to use it :p, but it is very cute, and the little characters are fun to look at.

Umaibo Sticks: Natto (fermented bean), salad, or tonkatsu sauce flavors.
I got salad and tonkatsu I believe (Luckily. Since from what I've heard, Natto is very strong, and not the most welcome flavor.) The salad one was good, but the tonkatsu was a bit too spicy for me.
I love Umaibo sticks, they come in really interesting flavors, and the packages are usually too cute for words.

Dried Fish Jerky Strip: Spicy wasabi, Tako (octopus), or ume (pickled plum) flavors.
I have no clue what flavor I got, because I was too scared to try it! My brother liked it very much, but had no clue what the flavor was! :p
Pretz Roast: Roast buttery biscuit sticks.
So good! They were like if you took an Olive Garden bread stick, miniaturized it, then made it super crunchy and drowned it in butter... Yum...

Chelsea Scotch Candy: Butterscotch, yogurt, or coffee flavors.
I really wanted to try the coffee flavor, from what I've seen coffee is a fun candy flavor that's popular in Japan. But sadly I got butterscotch, which just tasted like any candy you would find in a stereotypical grandmother's purse.
Almond Chocolate: Creamy chocolate with an almond center.
Really good, tasted like an almond Hershey bar. But a little disappointing, I want to try new things, I can buy almond Hershey bars at my grocery store...
Kit Kat White: Japan exclusive, tastes like Oreo ice cream.
I love when Skoshbox gives us any Kit Kats from Japan! Japan has the most amazing Kit Kat flavors, and I heard they even have a Kit Kat store now, with interesting flavors like strawberry, chili, and green tea cherry blossom. While the last strawberry Kit Kat was amazing, this one topped it. It literally did taste just like an Oreo.

Strawberry Look Chocolate: Chocolate squares with tart strawberry center.
Again, I love Skoshboxes obsession with strawberry! This candy was very good, and the strawberry wasn't sickeningly sweet, or artificial like most strawberry candy in the US.
Green Tea Chocolate: With almond filling.
I had my mom try it, I was surprised to find she hated it! It looked so good, but apparently looks can be deceiving.
Kokeshi Arare: Baked rice crackers in Girls' Day wrapping.
Not bad, though the little face on the wrapper was creepy, and it was a bit spicy.
Apple Pie Cream Sandwich: Wheat cookies with apple pie filling.
Amazing! It seriously tasted just like an apple pie. My mind exploded... I want more of them, and I really hope they bring these back in a future box!

Thanks for reading! To check out my previous Skoshbox reviews click here.
-xo Brittany

Are you a Skoshbox subscriber? What candy was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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