Revlon Parfumerie Swatches & Review

Today I have two more Revlon polishes from their Parfumerie fragranced polish collection. I have already swatched one polish from this collection, but my local drugstore was selling them buy one, get one half off, so how could I refuse! Plus, I really enjoyed that polish, and was curious to try my hand at some more shades.

Revlon Parfumerie Lavender Soap.
First up is Lavender Soap. A velvety, soft, pastel lavender creme. For such a soft shade is has surprisingly nice coverage, and very little streaking. The scent is not as strong as Wintermint, but it is quite nice. It does smell like a floral scented bar of soap.
I applied four coats, followed by my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

Lavender Soap under lamp.

Lavender Soap with flash.
Even without the scent gimmick this is a pretty, lovely, polish. It is very feminine and light, with a great formula.
I love the light purple tint, it is a gorgeous elegant color. I think this polish was very well made, and is one of the best pastels in my collection so far.

Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen.
Another velvety, soft, creme formula, in a light, buttery, cream shade. It is on the thick side, and the formula is a bit of a disappointment in comparison to Lavender Soap. It is also streaky, but the coverage isn't bad for such a pale shade. This shade is prone to bald spots, so I did have to use five coats, followed by my Essie top coat.

Fresh Linen under lamp.

Fresh Linen with flash.
I quite dislike this polishes formula. Even with five coats my nails still peek through. The formula is also very thick and bulky, and it takes forever to dry. I recently used it in a nail design, and while the buttery, cream shade was perfect for the idea, the formula was very annoying, and hard to work with. It made my stamping all but impossible.
I do think the shade itself is a nice addition to my collection, and the scent is very nice, it smells like that Downy fabric softener. But just like in formula, I prefer Lavender Soap's scent. 

Revlon Parfumerie polishes retail for around $10 and can be found online, and at your local drugstores and beauty retailers.

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-xo Brittany

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  1. hmm.. the shade I got wasn't too thick and very easy to work with! I guess the formula varies in this line! Gorgeous shades though! :)

    1. The Lavender Soap shade was very easy to work with, as was my previous shade called Wintermint, it was only Fresh Linen that gave me some trouble. But the shade is so pretty it's worth it. :)


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