March Fashion Haul

As I've mentioned before, earlier this month the clothing store I worked for went out of business. Obviously, being a shopaholic, and working at a store full of clothes, my closet is about to explode. But I couldn't leave without doing one last shopping trip before we locked our doors. It was bitter sweet to say the least, not only did I love working there, but I had been a regular shopper long before I even started the job! 95% of my wardrobe is from there! So as a final goodbye to my beloved job, I thought I would share with you my final fashion haul from Dots Fashions.

I warn you now, this post is very picture heavy! The lighting was nice during my "photo shoot", so I went a bit crazy.

I am terrible at remembering prices, so I wish I could tell you! But seeing as almost all the stores are closed, I guess it doesn't matter anymore anyway... :(

First up is this cute, blue chevron printed, boat neck dress. I loved the color, and being on the short side, the length was perfect for me, it hits right at the knee, making it perfect for more formal occasions, as well as casual ones. But the best part of this dress is that it has pockets! I never care about my pants having pockets, but for some reason I can't get enough of dresses with them! It's just so cute and quirky. These pockets also have zipper closures, giving the dress a little edge.

I fell into the mannequin trap again, and bought this heather grey cardigan when I saw it paired with my new blue dress. It looks really cute with it, plus it never hurts to have more neutral cardigans in my wardrobe, they go with everything.

I've been looking for a jean shirt for ages now, but could never find one I really liked. I found this one hidden away in our clearance rack -Clearance never fails!- and thought the added details of the sheer black panels and square buttons gave it some extra personality.

Another clearance find! I wanted this sweater when it was new and just came into stock, but thought it was a bit too fancy for everyday life. But since I knew I was leaving, and found the last one in clearance, I figured why not! It is so comfortable, and while it is very dressy, it does look cute with a pair of dark wash jeans and some flats.I just love the teal color and the flutter sleeves. I recently wore it to a job interview, so here's hoping its a good luck charm.

I wish I could say I was following in the fictional footsteps of the ever-fashionable Carrie Bradshaw, and say I am dressed to impress 24/7. But I can't. This is the girl who jumped headfirst into the "fashionable sweatpants" trend afterall! I like being comfortable, and sometimes you just need a soft sweatshirt and some slippers. I liked the dark grey and white stripes, so at least it is cute as well as cozy. :p

The light was a little too bright in this photo, my apologies. 
Another trend I jumped into was the highwaisted jean! At first I thought it was a little weird looking, but again, seeing it on a mannequin changed my mind. I have a bunch of cropped shirts in my never ending wardrobe, and these look really cute and retro with them.

There was not much left to pick through for jewelry, but I found this cute gold, gem, and pearl set of stacking rings. I have always liked the look of stacking rings, so I was happy to have another set. Even though I apparently wasn't paying attention and bought the wrong size! -Silly girl!- They are quite big, but lucky for me, they are adjustable.

I seem to be quite the trend follower this year! I just loved the look of these faux-suede, cut out, buckled boots, and was lucky enough to find one left in my size. If that's not a sign to buy them, I don't know what is. I never buy heeled boots, so I really hope I don't fall right on my face.

Now these are actually not from Dots but from Sears. Shocking I know! I never thought of Sears having cute shoes... But I drove my brother to sears for a job interview, and while I was waiting, took a look at the shoe department. There, I found these adorable gem covered oxfords! I am a sucker for oxfords, and I was also a sucker for the $15 price tag. They are nice and soft, though they are a bit stiff, and need to be broken in.

And finally, (Sorry if this post was too long, I told you it was picture heavy!) another shoe purchase from Sears. They just looked so soft and sparkly! And when I saw they were only $5 I couldn't pass them up. I am currently wearing them as I type this, and they are the most comfortable things on this planet. Plus, look how sparkly! (I am such a girl! :p )

Thanks for reading! To check out my previous fashion hauls click here.
-xo Brittany

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